Flash floods: Several trains cancelled, diverted in Odisha. Here’s the list

Bhubaneswar: In view of heavy rains causing flash floods in southern region of Odisha, the Railways authorities cancelled and diverted several passenger and express trains on Rayagada-Titilagarh route.

The soil ballast below railway track was washed away between Doikalu and Ambodala Stations following which train services were badly affected.

“Both UP and DOWN lines washed out between Doikalu-Ambodala at 10.30 pm on August 6 due to heavy rain and 3 wagons of N/MVAA derailed and capished in section on DOWN line,” the East Coast Railway (ECoR) said in a release.

On account of this, following trains are cancelled, short terminated, diverted for today.


01. 58301/58302 Sambalpur-Koraput-Sambalpur Passenger on 07th August.
02. 58303/58304 Sambalpur-Junagadh Road-Sambalpur Passenger on 07th August.
03. 58527/58528 Raipur-Visakhapatnam -Raipur Passenger on 7th August.
04. 18301/18302 Rayagada-Sambalpur-Rayagada Passenger on 7th August


01.12844 Ahmedabad-Puri Express on 05.08.2019 via Titilagarh-Sambalpur-Angul-Khurda Road.
02. 12843 Puri-Ahmedabad Express on 06.08.2019 via Duvvada-Balharshah-Nagpur.
03.18638 Bengaluru Cantt-Hatia Express on 06.08.2019 from Rayagada via Vizianagaram -Khurda Road-Angul-Sambalpur
04.13351 Dhanbad-Alleppey Express on 06 .08.2019 from Bargarh via Sambalpur-Angul-Khurda Road-Palash-Vigiyanagram.
05. 12807 Visakhapatnam-Hazrat Nizamuddin Express on 07.08.2019 via Duvvada-Balharshah-Nagpur.
06. 08301 Sambalpur-Banaswadi Special on Aug 7 via Sambalpur-Angul-Khurda-Vizianagaram.
07. 12808 Hazrat Nizamuddin-Visakhapatnam Express on Aug 6 via Titilagarh-Sambalpur-Angul-Khurda-Vizianagaram.
08. 20810 Huzur Sahib Nanded-Sambalpur EXP on Aug 6 via Vizianagaram-Khuda-Angul-Sambalpur.


Train no. 18518 Visakhapatnam-Korba Express left Visakhapatnam on 06.08.2019 will run upto Singapur Road and run as passenger special Express from Singapur Road to Visakhapatnam.

Train no.18517 Korba-Visakhapatnam left Korba on 06.08.2019 will run upto Titilagarh & run as 18518 Express from Titilagarh to Korba. The services between Singapur Road- Titilagarh-Sigapur Road will remain cancelled.

Train no.18107 Rourkela-Jagdalpur Express left Rourkela on 06.08.2019 will run upto Titlagarh & run as 18108 Express from Titilagarh to Rourkela.

Train no. 18108 Jagdalpur-Rourkela Express left Jagdalpur on 06.08.2019 will upto Muniguda & run as passenger special Express from Muniguda to Jagdalpur. Services of 18107/18108 will remain cancelled between Titilagarh-Muniguda-Titilagarh.

Train no. 18005 Howrah- Jagdalpur Express left Howrah on 06.08.2019 on will run upto Titlagarh & run as 18006 Express from Titilagarh to Howrah. Services of 18005/18006 will remain cancelled between Titilagarh-Jagdalpur-Titlagarh.

Train no.18437 Bhubaneswar/Rayagada-Jungarh Road left Bhubaneswar on 06.08.2019 will run upto Rayagada.18438 Junagarh road /Rayagada- Bhubaneswar Express run from Rayagada to Bhubaneswar on 07.08.2019 .

Train no.58529 Durg- Visakhapatnam passenger left Durg on 06.08.2019 will run upto Titilagarh & run as 58530 passenger from Titilagarh to Durg. Services of 58529/58530 will remain cancelled between Titlagarh-Visakhapatnam-Titilagarh.

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