Flood situation improves in Odisha

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Aug 10:

The flood situation in Odisha has substantially improved with the recession of floodwater in all major rivers of the state.

However, the misery of marooned and displaced people in the affected areas continues.
According to the Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) PK Mohapatra, a total of 4951 villages and 27 urban areas have been affected by flood till date.

A total of 24,823 houses have been damaged.

“Till date, there have been 38 big and small breaches in the embankments while the death toll has gone up to 38”, he said.

Meanwhile, water level of Hirakud reservoir came down to 624.04 feet by 6 AM today. While 2.06,507 lakh cusecs of water was entering into the reservoir, 3,99817 lakh cusecs of water was being released through 24 gates.

At Naraj, 7.98 lakh cusecs of floodwater per second of Mahanadi was flowing through the Mundali barrage by 6 AM today.

Official sources said that the road communication between Banki and Cuttack is most likely to resume today as the floodwater of Mahanadi along the route has subsided.

However, road connection between Banki and Bhubaneswar has been disrupted due to overflowing of floodwater.

A total of 30 panchayats of Banki sub division are still surrounded by floodwater of Mahanadi in which 2,06, 091 people of 122 villages have been affected.

Hundreds of families, who are still camping on the highways had a tough time battling heavy rains on Saturday. With flood water yet to subside and heavy rains predicted by the Met department on Sunday, they have great many reasons to worry. Many of them complained of irregular supply of food and provisions.

In Kanas area in Puri district, the flood situation remains critical. Thousands of people have been marooned. While most of them have waded their way through waist- deep water to safer places, some of them have moved to rooftops.

More casualties

Report from Koraput said two women of Dasamantpur block were swept away by the floodwater of Muran river last evening while they were crossing the river.

The bodies of the two women are yet to be traced till reports last came in.

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  1. DrRCRout says

    Every year Banki, which lies on the bank of river Mahanadi, gets badly hit by flood and leaves everything and all activities stand still for a month. This causes damages to farmers, houses, cattle population, paddy and vegetable fields. No electricity, no net, no telephone, no communication and no roads add to the misery. Roads are submerged for days together and people risk their lives to cross the high level water of 5-12 feet height by foot or cycle or ferry boats without licence.

    In my view, following measures should be taken on priority basis to control flood in Banki :

    1. As an immediate measure the height of road from Banki town to Bhogoda Shiva Temple should be raised by at least 6 feet from the present height so that the main road will not be submerged in usual floods.

    2. As a short term measure, the Rana Bridge should be fitted with sluices/gates to control the water overflow and its bed should be deepened.

    3. Last but not the least, as a long term action, a canal should be dug from Ranasankha via Nadikunda Tulasipur nala, Baghamari/Sarua,Paricchala, Ranapur upto lake Chilika, like the Puri Main canal.

    4. It will not only irrigate the fertile lands on both sides but also help in more ways than one to farmers, people, fishermen and public at large.

    This is a clear-cut plan. However, anything in particular or any suggestions in this regard are welcome. I will be obliged if interested people reflect on this.

    Dr. Rama Chandra Rout
    Gopalpur, Near Hariharveta, Banki, Cuttack-754008
    Mob: 94377 42499 email:[email protected]

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