Food combinations that can fast-track weight loss

Bhubaneswar:  Weight loss is a slow and judicious process. It depends on several factors like healthy and mindful eating, drinking enough water, doing the right exercises, getting enough sleep and of course avoiding certain unhealthy lifestyles.  For a person to effectively lose an observable amount of body weight, they first need to understand that eating right is the key; starving might just do your body more harm than good.

Talking about eating right, one must be familiar with healthy foods that fire up the weight loss process. But did you know that certain foods, when consumed in combination, benefit the body better and keep a person full for a good amount of time, thus, helping them lose weight affectively!

Here are eight such food combinations for you to try:

  1. Oats and walnutsan oatmeal breakfast is preferred by most people as they swear to lose a good amount of body weight within a fixed time period. While there is a lot of variation that one could opt for in a bowl of oats, adding some walnuts simply makes it most satiating for a long time.


  1. Beans and vegetable soupa bowl of vegetable soup is already light, nourishing and perfect for lunch or dinner, while one is on a weight loss regime. However, adding some beans like black beans and chick peas into the soup makes it more filling and energizing.


  1. Eggs, black beans and peppermany diet-conscious people prefer protein-rich eggs for breakfast. Well, that could be more filling when some black beans and pepper are added to the plate. This gives body enough protein and fibres to go on without craving for food for a long time.

  1. Green tea and lemongreen tea is already known to boost metabolism, burn calories and even flush out toxins from a person’s body. Well the goodness amplifies when few drops of lemon juice go into a warm cup of green tea.


  1. Salmon and sweet potatowith potassium, vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acid and protein, salmon turns out to be a super food for weight management as well as heart health. Serving it with some baked sweet potatoes, makes one feel light and full for a long time, without the urge to binge on some unhealthy snack.


  1. Apple and pistachioswhen a sweet wonder-fruit is paired with some crunchy nuts that have the lowest calorie-count, the outcome is an energy-loaded snack that nourishes a person’s body with some healthy fats, fibres and proteins. Hence, they go on feeling full for a good amount of time and the body gets to cut down on the extra calories.


  1. Dark chocolate and almondsGenerally, a strict weight loss regime does not include dessert or anything sweet. However, completely cutting down on sugar is not recommended for that could affect the normal blood sugar of a person.  Well dark chocolate is the perfect compensation and to make it even better, munch it with some almonds. The antioxidants from the dark chocolate and protein from almonds keep the tummy satiated for a long time and also keep the blood sugar in check.

  1. Cauliflower and olive oilcauliflower has low glycemic index (GI) and that makes it an ideal vegetable to add into a weight loss diet chart. Now this vegetable could become a superfood if combined with olive oil that’s rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids and oleic acid. With these constituents, olive oil works wonders for the heart health and cholesterol management in a person’s body. Thus, one serving of roasted cauliflower with few drops of olive oil not just adds flavour to the simple vegetable but also keeps one full for a long time.

So, try out your favourite food-combination and see how that works for you.


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