Free health for children with heart defects

Bhubaneswar: CARE Hospitals in Bhubaneswar organised a specialised pediatric cardiac camp today for children with congenital heart diseases at Sonoscan, Balasore. The program was addressed by Senior Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Prashant Prakash Rao Patil from CARE Hospitals, Bhubaneswar.

It’s a first-of-its-kind program organised for children with heart defects in Eastern Odisha.

Kislay Anand (Hospital Chief Operating Officer) said that Pediatric Cardiac Care in Odisha has grown from the infancy stage to Childhood. In delivering the Pediatric Cardiac specialty, CARE Hospitals has taken the first step towards being making the state self-sufficient. “With CARE being the household name for Cardiac procedures in Odisha, we are aiming at establishing the same credibility for Pediatric Cardiac Procedures. Over the next few months we will be also introducing Pediatric Cardiac Surgery to deal with complex cases for Children with heart defects,” a spokesperson of CARE said.

“Pediatric Cardiology has outgrown the shadows of adult cardiology and cardiac surgery departments in India. It promises to be an attractive and sought-after subspecialty of Pediatrics, dealing with not only congenital cardiac diseases but also metabolic, rheumatic, and a host of other cardiac diseases. At CARE Hospitals Bhubaneswar, we aim to provide all forms of interventional cardiology treatments for Congenital Heart disease,” Dr. Patil expressed.

Dr Lokanath Dash (AVP – BD) spoke about the importance of government health schemes like BSKY which has enabled patients from economically vulnerable families to avail high-quality healthcare services. Also, with various corporate and insurance tie-ups, the use of health care services and better health outcomes for CHD is quite easy. The government has tied up with 3 Hospitals outside Odisha but we are the only brand in Odisha to provide this specialty on a full scale. We will also be launching pediatric cardiac surgery to treat more complex cases which need surgery.

Dr. Amitabh Giri, leading Sonologist of Balasore and neighbouring districts spoke about the rising importance and early diagnosis of heart defects in Children. He also spoke about the fact that conducting such health camps on a monthly basis will not create awareness about the disease but also lead to immediate treatment.

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