From now Energy Dept to seek RD approval before installation work

Bhubaneswar: Amidst the blame game over the Ganjam bus tragedy that claimed 10 lives on February 9, Rural Works Engineer-in-Chief today wrote a letter to Energy Department Commissioner-cum-Secretary asking him to take written consent of field executive engineers concerned before any kind of electrical installation on roads belonging to Rural Development (RD) Department.

In the letter, the Engineer-in-chief mentioned that installation of electric pole and transformers within the Right of Way of RD roads are being undertaken by the Energy Department without any intimation to the concerned field executive engineers. The unauthorized electrical installation have caused delay in taking up Government works by RD Department and in later stage, shifting of the said utilities are insisted upon RD Department, which is a financial burden to the Government exchequer.

“It is also observed that such electrical installations are being done on the carriageway or on the shoulders of the road, which restricts the future expansion proposals of the roads,” the letter added.

The RW Engineer-in-Chief urged the Energy Commissioner to ensure that written consent of field executive engineers of RD Department is taken priop to any electrical installation to be done in future. And such utilities shoul be installed on utility corridors, beyond toe line of the road embankment, the letter added.


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