From rural Rajasthan to Bangladesh, celebrating the rich Mughal heritage

New Delhi: In celebration of the holy month of Ramzan, Jaipur Rugs and Bangladesh’s leading furniture brand ISHO have come together to bring out an exclusive handmade carpet celebrating the shared Mughal heritage of the two countries.

In a world-first for the design community, ISHO along with Jaipur Rugs has developed an artistic representation of Bangladesh and India’s shared Mughal culture and architecture, depicting this in a unique design that will be woven by Jaipur Rugs’ expert artisans in rural Rajasthan.

The rug, launched during Ramzan, serves as a perennial piece designed to suit the dimensions of a modern home and executed using the timeless craftsmanship of Jaipur Rugs. The rug is displayed at ISHO’s curated exhibition space in Dhaka, where one can walk in and experience moments of Mughal history unfold before their eyes.

The exhibition highlights prominent Mughal rulers and their contributions including famous examples of Mughal architecture in Bangladesh. One of these historic landmarks is the Lalbagh Fort, the inspiration behind the design of this exclusive new rug.

As one of the region’s most innovative new furniture brands, ISHO strives to collaborate with fellow market leaders, brands and makers that are skilled at their craft and demonstrate creative originality. Working with Jaipur Rugs presented an opportunity to bind both cultures, religions, crafts and teams together in celebration of so many similarities, a shared history and a love of beautiful design.

Yogesh Chaudhary, Director, Jaipur Rugs, said, “India and Bangladesh share a cultural history that goes way back in time. Through our collaboration with ISHO we got an opportunity to express our shared heritage through design and propagate our rich crafts and traditions to a newer audience. At Jaipur Rugs we like to give our artisans global platforms to take their craft and their stories to the world. It is always a delight to find new partners like ISHO and be able to tell the stories of the unique and simple lives of our artisan and their ancestral know-how through them.”

Rayana Hossain, Founder and MD of ISHO, further added, “This collaboration between ISHO and Jaipur Rugs is symbolic of our shared values and cultural unity. We believe in partnering with like-minded entities that are entrepreneurial, sustainable and innovative and it’s this strategy that is propelling ISHO’s growth in Bangladesh and across borders to India and the Far East. Through this collaboration, we are proud to demonstrate the commercial, cultural and creative benefits of empowering local artisanship and helping traditional crafts to thrive and find resonance in homes around the world.”


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