‘Gangs of Puri’ gets thumbs up from viewers

Bhubaneswar: Web series ‘Gangs of Puri’ has been getting thumbs up from audiences cutting across age, gender and location. Released on OTT platform ‘Kancha Lanka’, the ‘Gangs of Puri’ is based on the emergence of gangsters in the Puri city.

Friendship, comedy and romance plots make the storyline complete and thereby, a wholesome package of action and entertainment can be seen in the ‘Gangs of Puri’.

“There are so many things about Puri which people do not know. Apart from being famous due to the Shree Jagannatha Temple, the city also embodies several cultural things. Starting from the Puri boli, food, abadha, wrestling and pangata, the web series showcases all the cultural things of the city. The webs series is not only all about the gang wars,” says Anupam Patnaik, Director of ‘Gangs of Puri’.

The gist of the web series storyline is the love and affection that the Puri people share, says Akshay Parija, Co-founder of Kancha Lanka.

The story of ‘Gangs of Puri’ starts from the conflict between Bengali hotel owners and fishermen of Puri. When the Bengali hotel owners attempt to set up a hotel on the Puri beach with the help of an influential politician, the fishermen oppose the move. The story moves further after gangster Babu Jena comes to the rescue of the fishermen. Hence, the Bengali hotel owners utilize their muscle power and the gang wars start.

Directed by Anupam Patnaik and Jagdish Mishra, the ‘Gangs of Puri’ has been shot at different locations in Puri, Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. The makers inform that the shooting of the web series took two years to complete.

Krishna Kar, Aman, Choudhary Jaya Prakash Das, Hara Rath, Rabi Mishra, Ankita Mohanty and Bhakti Pranab Rath are essaying key roles in the web series.

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