GATS-2: Smoking declines, Khaini, Gudakhu users rise in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: A big shift was seen among people of Odisha as they are giving up smoking habit and consume smokeless tobacco products like Khaini and Gudakhu due to continuous campaigns and awareness programmes as well as price rise in tobacco products.

According to Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS-2) report, the prevalence of smoking has declined by 3.3 percent in the last seven years in the state. Only seven percent adults above 15 years were found smoking tobacco as against 10.3 percent in GATS-I report in 2009-10.

Among the tobacco users, only 13.9% men and 0.1% women smoke tobacco, while 52.1% men and 33.6% women use smokeless tobacco in Odisha. The percentage of tobacco users in Odisha was registered 45.6% and the average number of smokeless tobacco users is approximately 42.9%.

The data highlights that there is no significant change in the tobacco consumption in GATS-II report as compared to GATS-1 report. The average number of tobacco users was 46.2% in GATS-1.

However, the use of Khaini and Gudakhu has increased during the past seven years among people in Odisha.

While the percentage was 11% in GATS-1, the number of Khaini users increased to 16.9% in GATS-2. Similarly, the percentage of Gudakhu users was 7.3% in GATS-1, and it rose to 14.9% in GATS-2.

Hence, 16.9% people use Khaini, the number of Gudakhu users was 14.9%, 9.4% Gutkha, 8.6% Paan Masala and 8.6% people are using tobacco paan masala.

The data shows that there was a steep increase in the number of Khaini and Gudakhu users in the state in the past seven years.

On the other hand, the number of adults between 15-17 age group using tobacco was 11.3% in GATS-2. The number has declined as compared to GATS-1 in which the percentage was 16.3%.

In the national average, the prevalence of tobacco use has decreased by 6% points from 34.6% in GATS-1 in 2009-2010 to 28.6% in GATS-2 in 2016-17.

Among number of tobacco users in the country, 19.0% men, 2.0% women and 10.7% adults currently smoke tobacco, while 29.6% men, 12.8% women and 21.4% adults currently use smokeless tobacco.

The GATS-2 statistics showed that Khaini and bidi are the most commonly used tobacco products. Around 11% adults consume Khaini and 8% smoke bidi.

The prevalence of tobacco use among minors aged 15-17 has decreased from 10% in GATS-1 to 4% in GATS-2.

The GATS is a household survey of persons aged 15 and above conducted in all 30 states of India and two Union Territories. The first round of GATS was conducted in 2009-10. The GATS-2 was conducted in 2016-17 by Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, using the multi stage sample design. Total 74,037 individuals were interviewed during August 2016 to February 2017.

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