Glimpses of 7 Shaivite Shrines Across Odisha !

On the pious occasion of Maha Shivratri, the Shiva devotees from all around Odisha visited holy shrines and paid obeisance  to the Bholenath. The air was full of chanting of Har Har Mahadev, Bom Bom Bhole, Hari Bol, some glimpses of holy Shiva Temples around Odisha:

  1. Devotees thronged the 11th century Lord Lingaraj Temple, in Bhubaneswar, starting from morning 7 am on Monday. Some have to wait for six hours for a darshan!





2.   Ladu Baba Temple in Sarnakul,Nayagarh district was all lighted up as the fasting devotees sat with their diyas for jagar the whole night. 


3. A huge turn out of visitors at the famous Chandaneshwar Shiva  Temple in Chandaneswar, Baleswar, Odisha.

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4.  Shiva devotees started coming for prayers from 4 am in the morning at Vedvayas Peeth, Rourkela.

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5.  The mountains of Kalyansinghpur Devagiri Shiva Peeth resounded with Har Har Mahadev as pilgrims climbed the difficult terrain for a darshan.

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6. Kapilash Temple in Dhenkanal the Shiva peeth of Chandrashekhar baba saw thousands of pilgrims coming for a darshan.

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7.  The leaning Temple of Shri Vimleshwar in Huma, Sambalpur saw a heavy flow of pilgrims.

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