Goa leader sends barking dog to Bilawal over Kashmir rant

Panaji, Oct 24 :

Miffed over Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairperson Bilawal Bhutto’s continuous bombast about wresting Kashmir from India, a Congress politician from Goa Friday sent him a “barking dog” as a gift.

Congress organising secretary Durgadas Kamat claimed the barking dog was a perfect gift for Bhutto because he was continuously barking up the wrong tree as far as Kashmir is concerned.

Durgadas Kamat
Durgadas Kamat
“Bhutto should not start his political career by training guns on Kashmir and India, rather he should work for welfare of people of Pakistan,” Kamat told IANS.

“Saying that Kashmir is a part of Pakistan, he is literally barking up the wrong tree,” Kamat said after dispatching the parcel containing a plastic toy dog to PPP’s headquarters at Parliament Lodges in Islamabad.

“This is also a reminder to Bilawal that barking dogs don’t bite,” Kamat said.

Bhutto, the son of two-time former prime minister Benazir Bhutto and former president Asif Ali Zardari, on more occasions than one in the recent past has publicly announced his intentions to “wrest every inch of Kashmir” from India.

“I will take back Kashmir, all of it, and I will not leave behind a single inch of it because, like the other provinces, it belongs to Pakistan,” he said at a public rally recently.

Earlier this week, Bhutto also said: “When I raise Kashmir, the entire Hindustan screams. They know when a Bhutto speaks, they (Indians) have no answer.”

Kamat claimed that if Bhutto believes that Kashmir is a part of Pakistan, then by the same logic “Pakistan belongs to Hindustan, because Pakistan came into existence after partition”.

Kamat also said the National Democratic Alliance government should come out with a strong response to the statement of Bhutto.

“Narendra Modi was vocal about Pakistan in his Lok Sabha poll campaign, but he is now relatively quiet. It is because of his failure to come out with a categorical official response to Bhutto’s comment that we have to send him a dog to make an adequate point,” Kamat said.

Asked if he was sending the toy in his capacity as a Congress office bearer in Goa, Kamat said: “I am sending it as an Indian, who has been offended.”


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