Goans to be banned from casinos from Feb 28

Panaji, Jan 2 :

Goa residents will be banned from entering casinos starting Feb 28, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said Thursday.Tourists will, however, be allowed.

A gaming commissioner will be appointed Feb 28 and rules for casino gaming will be finalised the same day, the chief minister said at a press conference at the state secretariat.Casino

“Casino rules will be finalised by Feb 28 after which Goans will be banned from entering casinos. Only tourists will be allowed,” Parrikar said.

The chief minister said the gaming commission would regulate casino operations and ensure that casino rules are implemented.

Goa has five operational offshore casinos and nearly a dozen onshore casinos, which have given the state the reputation of being India’s sin city.

Along with thousands of tourists, Goans are also regulars in casinos. The Bharatiya Janata Party as a poll promise had resolved to ban entry of Goans in casinos, after reports of emerging gambling addiction.


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