‘Good programmes can be made with cooperation of all’

Jagatsinghpur: Listeners of Radio Choklate 104.0 FM Dhoom Mitha, Odisha’s No.1 FM Station, organized a listeners’ meet at Sarada Mandap here yesterday.

Tanaya Patnaik, Director of Radio Choklate and Executive Director of Sambad emphasized on the role of listeners of the Radio Choklate in the success of all its programmes.

Addressing the gathering, she said, “We are not organizing this event. It is all our listeners’ programme. The Radio station is not just mine or Soumya Ranjan Patnaik’s, it all of yours. It’s because of all you listeners of Radio Choklate that the station remains on the number one spot today. And your continuous support and cooperation will help make many more good programmes.”

She discussed on programmes like Odisha Re Katha Hele Pura Odia Re Katha Heba, quiz programme for students, a programme based on Shudramuni, songs on request will be played more, programme for artistes, a new programme on lines of A Diary of a Housewife, comedy programmes and many more.

On this occasion, RJ Sangram, programming head of Radio Choklate, RJ Aarya, RJ Niel, RJ Anil, RJ Abhi, RJ Komal, RJ Nivi, RJ Puja, RJ Koel among others interacted with the listeners. Later, on behalf of the listeners’ committee, Anjan Parida, editor Ajay Mohanty, president/chairperson Sunilkanta Mohanty, Sandhyarani Biswal and RJ Nalinikanta Biswal felicitated Tanaya Patnaik and Sangram Mishra.

Among others present at the event organised by Bijayalakshmi Mohapatra and Arun Kumar Rath, were Manas Ranjan Behera, Pradeep Das, Prashant Kumar Sahu, Pramod Sahu and Sudhakar Das.

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