By Bibhudananda Satpathy*

Unlike yesteryears, when they had to remain in virtual house arrest till the Prime Minister’s Independence Day address was over, the people of Chandni Chowk converged on the flag hosting area in thousands to listen to the maiden Independence Day speech by the Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi from the ramparts of the Red Fort. The people moved in long queues, patiently waiting for their turn to take their place in the meeting ground in a rare show of discipline. It was as if they had already been inspired and motivated much before the inspirational address by the PM even began.

After nearly a decade, the country witnessed a Prime Minister speaking extempore and his speech straddled a whole gamut of issues from toilets to cutting edge technology. Devoid of a barrage of announcements or any big bang reforms, Mr. Modi tried to inspire the nation to – arise, awake and deliver the goods to prove to the whole world the strength of this great nation to withstand challenges and obstacles of the highest order.

Modi I-Day speech

Taking inspiration from Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo, Mr. Modi effortlessly captivated all Indians with his very address: “Here is your prime sevak, not Prime Minister standing before you to relate the problems of the nation and its possible panacea. No Raajneeti (politics), only Rashtraneeti” (nation building).

Mr. Modi provided direction, spoke of a digital India, invited global companies to enter the manufacturing sector in this country, announced Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna for the poorest of the poor, Sansad Adarsh Gramin Yojna for restructuring rural India, struck a conciliatory note for the neighbourhood inviting the SAARC nations, including Pakistan, to jointly fight against poverty and communal violence.

Ending the era of of the hallowed Planning Commission and replacing it with a “super think tank” that would understand and address the contemporary problems of federal India.

Small little things, which matter a lot, got prominent place in Mr. Modi’s speech. That was the difference he wanted to bring in his administration and his address too. The focus of his address was on the common people, women and rural India – that’s the impression he created.

But was an honest address made by the PM or a political gimmick? Did it really come from the heart of the PM or was it just another exhibition of showmanship? This is the million dollar question before the nation. This article aims to look at matter astrologically. It is an astrological perspective on the PM’s address and how far it will come good.

The PM’s address to the nation began at 7:33 AM and continued up to 8:38AM on 15th August 2014, making it a 65-minute address to the nation. From astrological point of view, the whole address was divided into two parts. The first one, from 7:33AM to 8:20AM under Leo Ascendence/Lagna and the second one from 8:20AM to 8:38AM under Virgo Ascendence/Lagna. Let us first analyze the chart under Leo ascendence.

Independence Day Speech
15/08/2014 07:33 AM 15/08/2014 08:38 AMChart Modi

Third house and its lord speaks about the proposal made and its authenticity. Here in the above chart, the third lord Venus is posited in the twelfth house(though Venus twelfth bhava is not bad) and conjucted with Sun and Jupiter. Mars and Saturn posited in the third house. The above planetary position reveals the honest intention of Mr. Modi. But translation of words into deeds will be delayed more than he has bargained for. The eleventh lord Mercury (lord of achievement) posited in the Lagna indicates realistic translation of his words into action.

In the Virgo ascendence/lagna i.e from 8:20 AM to 8:30 AM, the third house is aspected by Jupiter although the third lord Mars is posited in the second house with Saturn. The eleventh lord Moon is posited in the seventh house and aspecting lagna. The ninth lord Venus is also in the eleventh house (house of achievement). Exalted Rahu is in the lagna and aspected by Moon, the eleventh lord. As such Modi’s address, during Virgo ascendence, was more intense and whatever he said during this period will be executed much earlier than anything he said during Leo asc. So we can expect the project related to building of toilets in schools, special ones for girls, sansad adarsh gramya yojna, the cooperation he sought from SAARC countries for fighting against poverty and communalism, abolition of Planning Commission and formation of a new body. Center-state relations would blossom while states would get more powers rom an astrological point of view. His appeal to corporate houses to contribute their might in projects like building of toilets will be heartily welcomed and the project is likely to materialize even before the due date.

The above two charts reveal an honest intention of the PM. Again to substantiate real transformation of ideas, we will have to look into Narendra Modi’s swearing in chart, his natal chart and the chart of independent India.

Swearing In ChartModi Chart 2

26/05/2014 06:11 PM

New Delhi

In order to look into the development of common people in rural India through the sansad adarsh gramya yojna of Mr.Modi, one has to consider the position of Moon and Saturn in the swearing in chart. Moon stands for the masses and Saturn stands for down-trodden or underprivileged people. In the above chart, Moon posited in the seventh house and Saturn in the lagna aspecting each other unequivocally speaks about common masses. Saturn aspected by Jupiter posited in the ninth house indicates a positive effort in this direction. Thus people of this country may expect very good results in Modi’s plan of reconstructing rural India. The Rahu is posited in the lagna with Saturn, its house lord is aspecting Rahu. As such, the project will take a concrete shape but will be delayed.

Bibhudananda Satpathy
Bibhudananda Satpathy

The ninth and twelfth house and their lords indicate foreign affairs. In the said chart, the ninth and twelfth lord Mercury is in ninth house and conjucted with Jupiter. As a result, Modi’s foreign policy will be admired globally and he will take some exemplary steps relating to foreign affairs. The seventh lord (stands for opposition) is in twelfth house and lagna is aspected by Jupiter. It indicates whatever threats comes from opposing country will be tackled smartly and India’s position will grow stronger in the coming years. The tenth lord/house stands for government/governance. In this chart, Moon, the tenth lord is in seventh aspecting lagna and conjucted with lagna lord indicates good governance. But Sun, the significator of government, is posited in the eighth house and Mars- stands for power in the twelfth house also Moon conjucted with Ketu indicates there will be some problem in the government. An element of opposition within the government will try to sabotage Modi, he will be outsmarted by Mr.Modi because of Jupiter’s effect. Even the ninth lord in the ninth house (Mercury) conjucted with Jupiter indicates the government under Modi will do exceeding well in the fields of communication, health and education. IT and hi-tech industry will prosper spectacularly. Because of Venus effect, urban housing jewellery and filigree industry will get real boost.

To justify things further, we will look into Narendra Modi’s birth chart and that of Independent India.

Narendra Modi’s Birth Chart Independent India’s Chart

17/09/1950 11:00AM VADNAGAR 15/08/1947 12:00AM NEW DELHIModi Chart 3

In Narendra Modi’s chart, he is undergoing Moon-Rahu period till 09/09/2014 followed by Moon-Jupiter period upto 09/01/2016. Both the periods are very good and Mr. Modi will have no problem whatsoever in delivering goods. Moon being the ninth lord posited in the lagna and conjucted with lagna lord creates Neech-Bhanga-Rajyog. This yog will help Modi to translate his words into action and he will come back to the people with a very good report card in the next election scheduled to be held in 2019. At that time, he will be undergoing Moon-Ketu period which will give him very good results.

The natal chart of independent India reflects Sun-Venus period upto 22/07/2015, a good period. The lagna lord Venus conjucted with ninth and tenth lord Saturn will provide good results. Again, five planets in movable sign give an indication that India will be a world force and will come to occupy a super power like position in the years to come.

Mr. Modi’s appeal to the SAARC countries, including Pakistan, to fight against poverty, communal violence and to restore regional peace and prosperity will be accepted. This will speed up from 22/07/2015 as Moon major period will continue in independent India’s chart for 10 years and Moon, being the third lord in third house, will further this cause.

Third house stands for younger siblings, self confidence, short trip, proposals etc. Thus, in the SAARC region where India is projected as a big brother, regional cooperation will improve with India’s initiative. This will help Mr. Modi to grow as a regional leader who can contribute globally.

All said and done, the beneficial Moon major period for 10 years in India’s chart along with Moon major period (ninth lord in Modi’s chart) and Venus major period in swearing in chart indicates overall growth of image for both Modi and India. Mr. Modi as such will carve out a special place in the history of Indian democracy.


*Bibhudananda Satpathy is a Bhubaneswar-based astrologer and scholar. He may be contacted at [email protected]

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  1. Binita Mohanty says

    unique study and brilliant approach…seeing a topmost astrologer of the world through this analysis.

  2. Rupashree Nanda says

    A novel and unique interpretation where the timing of a speech becomes the basis for astrological reading.

  3. ananya mohanty says

    modis speech is very nicely depicted your language ……..i hope achhe din a jaye

  4. sashikant Deo says

    superb presentation of a well researched article.it was free flowing.i am sure above article will change the impression about astrology and astrologers.Mr satpathy in fact the real professor of this great science.Hats up to him.-sashikant

  5. Rajib Sahoo says

    Based on detail astro-analysis Sri Satapathy has reassured us, through this scholarly article, about the good days ahead for our nation. On previous occasions his predictions were very accurate. My best wishes to him and all the citizens of our great country.
    Rajib Sahoo

  6. Satya Mohapatra says

    I remembered the previous prediction by Mr Satpathy which came true with 100% accuracy and surely, he will be proved right this time also. Great analysis and presentation.

    “ACHHE DIN AGEYE”. Proud to be Indian…………………

    Satya Mohapatra…

  7. Anamika Singh says

    Thanks for your deep astrological analysis. Your prediction is some project will take a concrete shape but will be delayed.

    Is there any astrological remedy over which thing will move fast?

    Anamika Singh.

  8. Heena says

    This article is a combination of superb astrological explanation,brilliant presentation and wonderful visualization and creating a synthesis of different charts to speak out his objective. A difficult work looks so simple.
    Looking forward to see such articles from you.


  9. debasisha mohapatra says

    Bibudananda has incredible astrological instinct which not many ordinary chart readers are gifted with.I am sure he has come up with a winning prediction and it cheers me up to hear the country would reach new heights of progress after 10 dismal years of UPA.

  10. Pinaki Routray says

    A truly holistic astrological view on the practicability of PM’s assurances on 15th Aug. And I must stress that the interpretation of astrological findings are very well explained.

    However being a layman, I would like to understand for an astrological perspective – despite India being courteous with Pakistan since May 26th, the latter continues to be play truant in improving bilateral relations.

    Your article claims that relations with our immediate – north-western neighbor is expected to improve, but it doesn’t seem so at the moment.

    1. Bibhudananda satpathy says

      Thank you ,sir,for your valuable comment. I reassure you that regional co-operation in the SAARC region will improve and will get momentum from 22-07-2015 as the third lord moon posited in third house in india’s chart and moon major period will continue for ten years since then.Again the seventh lord mars in pm’s swearing in chart is in 12th house and mars stands for power,army and police,it indicates that there will be some threat from opposing country/countries but that will be tackled as jupiter is aspecting lagna and 9th and 12th lord,mercury posited in the 9th house(house of fortune) and conjucted with jupiter, aspecting lagna. So I am sure Pakistan will be outsmarted by our country.Don’t worry.You have literally provoked me to write an article on India-Pakistan bi-lateral relations which i will try to give shape in a short period.

      1. Pinaki routray says

        Thank you Sir, I appreciate the way you have explained the astrological position to layman like me. I’ll certainly look forward to your next piece on Indo-Pak, as that is what really bother us as Indian.

  11. Paraneeta says

    i got the impression that this article is written by an academician of proven merit not a simple astrologer talking about rahu ketu.interesting and worth reading.common sense also says congress led upa will not come to power for a long time and i am sure india will outsmart pakistan as usual and will be the undisputed SAARC leader.

  12. Bireswar says

    Lovely in-depth study and brilliant interpretation. Wondering how much research must have been done in order to bring such a wonderfully detailed article. Hope this time also, you are spot on… and the Holy motherland, and Indian’s will see Goody goody good days ahead. Thank you 🙂

  13. Patit Paban Mishra says

    I went through the article by Sri Satapathy. The writing is brilliant. He has deconstructed the views of the Prime Minister. His style is superb. We need more articles from Sri Satapthy on various isses pertaining to India.
    Prof. Patit Paban Mishra, Malaysia

  14. Kailashpati singh says

    sir,why don’t you write very often.your articles always carry scholarly touch..Pls write on different issues not just astrological ones.You can do that.

  15. Kaspar says

    The previous prediction proved to be accurate.The current prediction is expected to be proved accurate with some of big corporates viz..TCS ,etc initiated to fulfill the vision of PM under corporate social responsibility, MNCs like Sony planning for big investments in india to fulfill the dream of “Made in India”.
    For person like me with limited knowledge and understanding on astrology the presentation was free flow with co-relation at every stage of analysis.
    Request to continue the good work.

  16. byomajit mishra says

    An unique analysis. I had never seen such an analysis of a speech or address to public by a leader. An astrological analysis of a speech is something new to me.

    Such an in-depth astrological analysis has brought in more clarity to the intentions of Sri. Modi for our country, Just before the elections, the citizens were having loads of expectations from Sri. Modi and the new government. My personal feeling was, as people are expecting so much, Modi’s slightest slip will bring his image down. People, including his supporters and people from the rival political parties (if not the opposition, which is not there), started questioning Modi’s abilities in translating his own words into action immediately after he took over. Even, I was asking myself “Will the achhe din ever come?”.

    Now, with this article with astrological justifications, Sri. Satpathy has made it very clear that all his words are going to be translated into actions. This article should be read by Modi’s critiques, supporters, people who are neutral about him and Sri. Modi himself.

    I would request Sri. Satpathy to keep doing such in-depth scientific analysis not only about Sri. Modi or India but also for our state.

    All my best wishes for Sri. Satpathy, Sri. Modi and India.

  17. Dr.Sasmita Mahapatra says

    It is a brilliant astrological analysis. In fact the article takes astrology in to an entirely new dimension. It would be appropriate to call it a PATH BREAKING ENDEAVOR. After this article the popularity of Sri Bibhudanand will go up many folds. This prediction will also come true like the previous prediction Modi Vs Kejriiwal . All My best wishes to Bibhudanand and request to continue .

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    I remembered the previous prediction by Mr Satpathy which came true.He will be proved right this time with his great analysis and presentation “ACHHE DIN AGEYE” to the grate Indian.

  19. Sweta Hota says

    Reading this article has not only inspired positivity after a long span but has instilled confidence both in the Governance of Mr.Modi and his Ministers. Being an academician myself, I must appreciate the smooth flow of thoughts expressed in the most simplest of words by Mr.Satpathy which has come as a breath of fresh air to our minds.

  20. sachin patwardhan says

    Most difficult things made simple,thanks to Mr. Satpathy. It reflects the great understanding of the person as he could make things appear so simple that a
    layman like me could understand such a complex analysis.

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    I would like to congratulate odishasuntimes.com and its editorial board for giving space to such a brilliant astrologer and scholar. whatever may be the outcome of his prediction,he has made us believe with his reasoning and analysis that good days are ahead of modi’s india. undoubtedly the best astro analysis i have ever gone through.


    What a narration & prediction ! Bibhu Bhai, hope you will continue to write such valuable stuff in future too .

  23. Swati Kejriwal says

    I had never known that a speech can be interpreted and analyzed astrologically. When we were all listening to our PM, here is a person who was also thinking whether the speech will be implemented or is it only a political gimmick and the assurance in this article that ache din are here has made the hope in us live up and instill positivity in all of us. A very well written article. I just loved the flow of it.

  24. B.N.Nanda says

    The article is highly thought provoking. Astrology has been used in an unique way to validate the promises and initiatives announced by the PM in his Independence Day speech. It resorts to a macro analysis impinging on the destiny of a whole nation. The flashes and undercurrent of creativity in the article is staggering.

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    A message, ‘ACHHEDIN’ is a proven to be a key factor in good.

    It is a brilliant astrological analysis by Mr. Bibhudananda Satpathy

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    I think this article is a very important one for multiple reasons. Firstly, it elucidates the power of astrology as a science as it provides a scientific vantage point to the topic in question and secondly, it just provides us with a fresh perspective on something that all of us might have an opinion on, but which may have been colored by the electronic media reporting that seems to be pervasive enough to be able to transform our thinking styles. In that sense as well, I think this article is very refreshing.

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    Great analysis. I remember the 1st article of yours on Mr. Modi and the accuracy of the prediction. This is definitely an unique step on use of astrology relating to the nation. Looking forward to more and more articlex preferably on nation’s relationship with the neighboring countries to achieve peace.

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