Google Android 11 drops support for Daydream VR

San Francisco:  US-based search engine giant Google has dropped support for the Daydream VR platform with Android 11.

The Daydream headset and controller can still be used as a generic VR viewer, just like Cardboard.

However, the Daydream VR app is “no longer supported by Google and may not work properly on some devices running Android 11 or later.”

“Many of the third-party apps and experiences within Daydream may still be available as standalone apps in the Google Play store.

“We don’t expect users to lose account information or functionality for third-party apps as a result of Daydream no longer being supported by Google,” the company said in a statement.

Daydream was one of two significant phone-based VR platforms, alongside the now-defunct Samsung Gear VR.

Earlier this year, Daydream stopped being available on Samsung devices with Android 10, even the Pixel 4 does not have Daydream support. Pixel 3 was the last Google phone to feature the app and required backend services.


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