Google Glass-like motorcycle helmet to hit stands soon

New York, March 1:

Real motorcycle riding may soon become a 3D videogame-like experience with an augmented reality motorcycle helmet.

Pic Courtesy:
Pic Courtesy:

Developed by a San Francisco-based start up Skully, the helmet will have a screen on the bottom right portion of its visor that shows the rider information like a map with GPS navigation.

There will also be audio in the helmet to help riders navigate. At the back of the helmet would be a wide-angle rear view camera that will help the rider see what’s behind him.

“The idea is to keep the rider from having to look around for signs or behind them constantly as they navigate the road,” Skully CEO Marcus Weller was quoted as saying in a Forbes magazine report.

The helmet will also include a bluetooth radio to pair up with your smartphone, so you can manage navigation options and other software features the company will release.

The helmet’s battery life is currently nine hours.

The company has been working on the project for two years now.

The idea for the helmet came to Weller after crashing his motorcycle into the car in front of him while he was trying to check street signs.

The helmet industry has been basically unchanged for 50 years – just foam and a plastic shell.

“It is an untouched vertical that didn’t have any connection to the internet. This is exciting for riders,” Weller added. IANS

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