Google rolls out 1080p video calls option for Meet users

San Francisco: In an effort to enhance the user experience, Google has rolled out a 1080p video calls option for users of its video communication service ‘Meet’.

This enhanced video quality is currently available on the web and can be utilised in meetings with two participants.

“For select Google Workspace editions, you can set your Google Meet video resolution to 1080p. This resolution is available on the web when using a computer with a 1080p camera and enough computing power in meetings with two participants,” Google said in a blogpost.

The new 1080p video resolution comes off by default, according to the company.

Eligible users will be prompted before entering the meeting about the new 1080p option, or it can be turned on or off via the settings menu.

Moreover, the company said that additional bandwidth will be required to send 1080p video, and if the device’s bandwidth is limited, Meet will automatically adjust the resolution.

Meanwhile, Google has rolled out the ability to switch off individual feeds in Meet.

“You can now turn off the video feed from other participants during a Google Meet call. This can be helpful in situations where you want to focus your meeting view to just the presenter or hide participants with distracting video feeds,” Google said in a blogpost.

This feature will only have an effect on users’ experiences; other participants will not be notified, and their experiences will not alter.


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