Govindacharya slams Modi government policies

New Delhi, May 12:

Former BJP ideologue K.N. Govindacharya on Tuesday described the Modi government’s land acquisition policy as worse than its predecessor United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government’s.

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“There is no doubt about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intention. However, his policies are questionable. There is a gap in the understanding about the implementation mechanism of projects,” Govindacharya said at a press conference.

“The land acquisition policy was formulated only on the basis of compensation. The consent of gram sabhas and public interest, which was part of UPA’s policy, has been sidestepped,” he said.

Questioning the Modi government’s policies, Govindacharya also described the ‘Make in India’ campaign as licence to foreigners to benefit at the cost of national interest.

Govindacharya said that he was unable to understand the policies of the government and felt those who are in the government too (were unable).

“No poor and tribal will benefit from ‘Make in India’ programme and ‘Smart City’ project. It seems that this government is taking decisions without proper home work. This government is not even following basic rules of governance,” he added.

He said, “Modi government is about to complete its first year in office, but it looks no different from its predecessors. Still four years are left with the government. Let’s hope they will fulfil the aspirations of the people, what they have promised during last Lok Sabha polls.” (IANS)

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