Habisyalis barred from visiting Puri Srimandir during Kartik month

Puri: In view of possible spread of COVID-19 infections, the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) decided to impose restrictions on Habisyalis from visiting the centuries old shrine in Puri during the holy month of Kartik this year.

“This year due to COVID restrictions, the Habisyalis will not be allowed to visit the Jagannath Temple during Kartik month,” informed SJTA Chief Administrator Krishan Kumar today.

After chairing the Chattisa Nijog meeting and Finance sub committee meeting in Puri today, Srimandir Administration chief said that the Jagannath Temple will remain closed for devotees on Dussehra i.e on October 15.

The restrictions will be imposed on devotees from entering the temple in the second hours of the day on October 16 due to immersion ceremony of Durga idols in the town.

However, Puri Srimandir will remain open on Kumar Purnima i.e on October 19, the IAS officer said.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Jagannath Temple remains closed on every Sunday.

Besides Sundays, the STJA has decided to close the temple for devotees on November 4 (Diwali), November 16 (Ekadashi) and November 19 (Kartik Purnima) this year.

An SoP in this regard will be issued in a day and two days, he said.

“Do avoid visiting the temple in the month of Kartik,” Kumar urged the women devotees.

At the meeting, the discussion was held on heritage corridor project and a proposal on implementing traditional dress code for servitors and SJTA officials who are entering the Bhitarakatha of the temple.

“The ceremony for heritage corridor work will kick off from November 18 amid COVID-19 restrictions,” Kumar said.

On implementing new rules discouraging devotees to enter the holy shrine with western outfits, he said, “From Kumar Purnima onwards, the servitors and SJTA employees will be allowed to the Bhitarakatha of temple with only traditional outfit. A day after Diwali i.e on November 5, the same restriction will be imposed on other officials.”

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