Hamas not for temporary ceasefire, wants permanent end to war

Tel Aviv: As the indirect mediatory talks between Hamas and Israel are progressing in Cairo, Hamas has expressed concern at temporary ceasefire and have informed the mediators that it wants a permanent end to the war.

According to Egyptian sources, Hamas have informed them that they want a total end to the war and rehabilitation of Palestinians who are displaced from north Gaza to southern Gaza region after the war broke out.

Sources in Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office told IANS that they have received information that Hamas is not inclined for a temporary ceasefire.

Mediators had pushed for a six-week ceasefire and releasing a minimum of 33 Israeli hostages in exchange of around 600 Palestinian prisoners in Israel’s jails.

The Israeli officials said that they came down from their demands based on the request from the mediating nations including Qatar and Egypt.

Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has clearly told visiting American Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday that Israel would attack Rafah and that they have already deployed the IDF unit in the region.

According to Israel’s Defense Ministry sources, Hamas will have to provide a response to the mediators on Thursday, on its position regarding the hostages.


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