Harrowing experience for Bali Jatra revellers in Cuttack amid traffic jam on Sunday

Cuttack: Bali Jatra experience turned sour for visitors here on Sunday as the venue and it’s nearby roads witnessed enormous traffic jam leaving them stuck on road for hours.

While the footfall at the Upper Bali Jatra Ground and Lower Bali Jatra Ground rose exponentially as yesterday was Sunday, the Ring Road connecting the venue from both directions was severely congested with inflow of large number of vehicles from 2 PM onwards.

The congestion became such that it took people more than two hours to reach the ground from Jobra Barrage Chhak or Chahata Chhak with their vehicles.

Moreover, lack of space for parking vehicles at parking places forced many visitors to park those on roadside.

The jam situation became out of control in the evening as police started diverting vehicles coming towards the Bali Jatra on the connecting roads.

Scenes were similar at the ground as well with spots like Vaishnava Pani Mancha, Akshaya Mohanty Mancha, ‘Cuttack in Cuttack’ zone, selfie zone near the river, ORMAS zone and parking places experiencing the maximum congregation.

It also took the visitors hours to get out of the place with their vehicles from the jam-packed parking places near the ground.

The situation prevailed till around 11 AM, leaving the police personnel and concerned officials in a tight spot.

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