Have ‘happy-hair’ monsoon with these five foods

Bhubaneswar: If more hair strands on your comb have jeopardized the charm of monsoon in your life, here’s good news!

Dreadful as hair fall already is, monsoon turns it into a nightmare. Experts say humidity in air during this season damages hair more thus, resulting in more breakage. But, worry not. Here’s a list of foods easily available in the market that can nourish your hair and fight breakage:

  • Fish: we already know fatty fishes are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is pretty much an answer to a lot of issues related to hair and skin.

  •  Spinach: replace your multivitamin capsules with spinach in your daily meal. It is loaded with iron and folate other than vitamin and nourishes your hair from roots.

  • Fenugreek seeds: popular as ‘methi dana’, these contain vitamin E that helps the body fight oxidative stress thus protecting and nourishing the hair strands. A drink prepared by soaking methi seeds in water overnight works wonders for hair health.

  • Plum: vitamin C and antioxidants present in plums, also known as ‘Jamun’, improve the scalp health and produce collagen.

  • Eggs: rich sources of biotin and protein, eggs are the delicious answers to hair health. Just make sure, they’re not overcooked.



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