HCG Panda Cancer Hospital launches ‘Pride and Privilege Card’ for the transgender community

Cuttack: HCG Panda Cancer Hospital takes a positive step towards providing equitable healthcare access and cancer care services to all individuals, regardless of their gender identity. The hospital extended its services to the transgender community in Odisha by announcing the launch of the HCG Pride and Privilege Card in Cuttack. As part of their ongoing mission to provide hassle-free cancer care to the transgender community, HCG Panda Cancer Hospital today organized an event at The Presidency Hotel graced by the Chief Guest, Ananta Narayan Jena, Honorable MLA, Central Bhubaneswar and Chief Speaker Meera Parida, Advisor, National Council for Transgenders Persons, East Region of India and founder of Sakha, an NGO.

The Pride and Privilege Card provides numerous benefits to transgender individuals, including access to screening, treatment packages, and multiple deals and markdowns. The card aims to motivate and encourage individuals to prioritize their health by undergoing screening, proactively managing cancer, and seeking treatment when needed. The aim is to make this card easily accessible to enable the entire transgender community in India to benefit from its perks and to keep their health in check.

The event also witnessed the felicitation of the Guests of Honor, including Lelin Mohanty-Chairman- Odisha Tourism Development Corporation, Swapna Pati-Bollywood Actress, Suryamayee Mohapatra-Ollywood Actress, Amit Kumar Mallik-Publisher, The Sakala, and Sadhna Mishra – the first highly qualified transwoman in the state to be appointed in a private organization.

Speaking about the occasion, Prateek Jain, Regional Business Head of HCG Hospitals -East & AP, said, “We are delighted to introduce the HCG Pride & Privilege Card in Cuttack through HCG Panda Cancer Hospital. The card is specifically designed to address the issues faced by the transgender community and to make cancer care hassle-free. We at HCG firmly believe that everyone has a right to high-quality medical care, we’re hoping that by taking this effort, we will inspire the transgender community to come forward and get the right treatment they need.

Dr Krupasindhu Panda, Medical Director at HCG Panda Cancer Hospital, said, “As healthcare professionals, we must provide the best quality treatment irrespective of one’s gender, race, caste or sexual orientation. With the HCG Pride & Privilege Card in Cuttack, we hope to end this inequality towards the transgender community and help them with the best of healthcare without the pressures of society.”

Santanu Das, Chief Operating Officer of HCG Panda Cancer Hospital, said, “The transgender community in our country face health conditions that require specific care, especially owing to their genetic composition and lifestyle, which can give rise to genetic diseases, including cancer. At HCG Panda Cancer Hospital, we aim to support the community with the best available treatments while being aware of their challenges. The HCG Pride & Privilege Card is one step towards providing accessible healthcare for all.”

Meera Parida, Trans leader, and social activist, said, “I am delighted to witness HCG’s expansion of services to cater to the transgender community in Odisha. This is a significant move towards fulfilling the healthcare requirements of our community, particularly in terms of cancer care services. The newly introduced Pride & Privilege Card is a commendable effort that grants us access to superior healthcare and enables us to feel acknowledged and integrated into society. I hope this endeavor motivates other healthcare providers to emulate and establish a more inclusive healthcare system for all individuals.”

Chief Guest Ananta Narayan Jena, Honorable MLA, Central Bhubaneswar, also expressed his views saying, “I applaud HCG for taking the crucial step of extending their cancer care services to the transgender community in Odisha. This initiative not only addresses the healthcare needs of our community but also sends a message of inclusivity and acceptance. I urge other healthcare providers to follow suit and contribute to creating a healthcare system that caters to the needs of all individuals.”

This significant move taken by HCG is a progressive step towards providing state-of-the-art treatment and healthcare services to the transgender community with the respect they deserve. At the launch, the hospital provided cards to community individuals and complimented them for their efforts in uplifting, educating, and supporting their community.

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