Heard about GOMAD diet? Here’s how it shapes your body

Bhubaneswar: Fitness enthusiasts! Have you come across GOMAD diet?

GOMAD diet stands for ‘gallon of milk a day’ and it doesn’t cater to a person’s weight loss.  It’s rather a body bulking strategy. Hence, it’s ideal for people like weightlifters who are working to add up to their muscle mass within a short period of time.

The diet basically requires a person to consume one gallon (approximately 3.8 litres) of milk in a day along with the necessary amount of solid food.  The diet is suggested to show results between two to eight weeks.


What does GOMAD diet give your body?

One gallon of milk roughly adds over 2,400 liquid calories, 127 grams of fat, 187 grams of carbohydrates and 123 grams of protein, slates healthline.com. The lack of fiber in milk makes it easier to gulp it down. It also shoots up calcium levels in a person’s body.


How safe is GOMAD diet?

  • As easy as consuming liquid calories is, one gallon of milk gives a calcium and saturated fat overload to a person’s body.
  • It could lead to gastrointestinal issues including bloating, nausea, diarrhea, etc.
  • It’s not a lactose intolerant person’s cup of tea.
  • It’s a short-term diet and can’t be continued for a long time.
  • With fast muscle build-up, it also adds quite some amount of fat.
  • It might affect a person’s bone health in the long run.



One comes across a new kind of diet routine every now and then.  Each diet affects people’s physical and mental wellbeing differently. Hence, it’s imperative that one must take expert opinions from nutritionists before adding any diet plan to their routine.


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