Heights of superstition: Woman blamed for fire mishaps

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Puri, Apr 15:

That we still live in the dark ages despite our tall claims of advancements in science has been proven from the fact that a woman has been kept in confinement on the advice of a tantrik for the simple reason of repeated fire outbreaks in a particular house in Gangapur village under Astaranga block in Odisha’s Puri district.

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Local sources said following repeated fire outbreaks-25 times in less than three weeks in a particular house, members of the household have confined the daughter-in-law in an isolated room away from the house.

“Yesterday there was no outbreak since it was Sankranti and we were bit relieved. Look it has again occurred today at 10.30 AM. Our belongings are lying here. Now no one is staying inside the house. We are very much worried. We don’t know what to do,” said a member of the woman’s family.

The woman has been kept in confinement following the advice of a tantrik who after performing some pujas came to know that because of the woman’s evil powers there have been outbreaks of fire.

“I am feeling very bad that everyone is blaming me for this. They have confined me to a house believing it to be due my evil powers,” the accused women sobbed.

“I will definitely solve the issue. The evil powers will be gone in few days,” said the tantrik.




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