Helmets optional in intra-city riding in Gujarat

Gandhinagar/New Delhi: Even as two-wheeler drivers across the country have been forced to wear helmets due to sharp increase in fine for this traffic rule violation, Gujarat has made it optional albeit with a catch.

Helmets will be optional only in areas falling under municipal corporations and other municipalities. But once a two-wheeler rider decides to travel outside his city or town on to a national or state highway or village roads, he will have to wear a helmet.

Gujarat Minister R.C. Faldu maintained that helmets were mandatory so as to prevent casualties in road accidents, but the state government was forced to do a rethink after angry complaints by people.

He claimed that two-wheeler drivers don’t cover long distances within the cities and towns they live in, adding that people were asking why they should wear helmets if they are riding a two-wheeler to the market to buy vegetables.

In the past, the state had announced a reduction in fines stipulated in the Motor Vehicles Act.

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