Here are some of Irrfan’s emotional messages on social media

Mumbai: As actor Irrfan Khan bid farewell to the world,  tears blurring the eyes of thousands of strangers prove that the artist may have perished  but his art will be cherished forever. 

The versatile actor was always vocal about his thoughts and opinions on social media platforms.  He used to get engaged in conversations with his friends. colleagues and fans as well.

Battling Neuroendocrine tumour was indeed a crucial period for him but he was courageous enough to share with the netizens what he felt about it during his journey.

Here are some lines that the actor shared about his battle with the disease:

1. Irrfan on finding out his medical condition


2.Irrfan’s post on his journey to fight Neuroendocrine tumour

3. Irrfan’s ‘thank you’ note

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