Here’re some Do’s & Don’ts for a safe Diwali

Bhubaneswar: Now that you are all set to celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights, with crackers and all, here are a few do’s and don’ts to avoid any unfortunate mishaps during the celebrations.


–Buy quality electrical lights to decorate your home. Poor quality lights come with wires that are more prone to tearing and shocks.

–While arranging the lights in your home, make sure that the wire is not attached with the electricity source. Attach the wire with the plug point once you are done with arranging the lights and no part of your body is in direct contact with the wires or lights.

-Make sure that the electrical decorations are well away from the reach of children and they are not even close to any inflammable objects like curtains or paper decorations that can easily catch fire due to the excess heat of lights.

–Buy firecrackers from licensed shops and read instructions on the packets before bursting them

–Keep first-aid box, water and sand buckets ready for any untoward incident

–Keep firecrackers away from sources of fire like candles, Diyas and matchbox.

–Wear cotton clothes and shoes while bursting crackers and lighting Diyas.

— Instead of using match sticks to light the diyas, use a long candle for the purpose. It will make the lighting easier, quicker and also safer.

–Use long stick to burst high-decibel firecrackers

–Don’t burst crackers indoor

–Don’s cover crackers with tin container or glass bottles for sound effect

–Don’t play with unburst crackers

–Don’t burst crackers near vehicles, stray animals and hospitals.

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