Here’s what ECoR clarifies about detachment of bogies from train in Odisha’s Puri

Bhubaneswar: Just few hours after an engine of Puri-Cuttack passenger train left behind three bogies at Puri Railway station this morning, the railway authorities came up with clarification about the incident terming it as ‘wrong notion’ or ‘misconception’.

Clarifying the issue, the Khurda Road Division of Railways said that the detachment of three coaches from engine was the planned operation and the passengers were informed by the railway station staff.

According to a press release, the Puri-Cuttack passenger train was supposed to depart at 8.00 am. However, at 7.57 am, it was reported that the coach which was fourth from rear end is marked ‘sick’ (in Railway terminology sick means ‘certified as not fit to run’). To detach the coach placed fourth from rear, the rear-most three coaches were detached. The fourth coach was detached on another line and then three rear-most coaches were again attached to the train. The train departed from Puri at 8.25 am leaving one coach, which was the same coach detected as sick.

The misconception arises as the general idea is that detached coach could have been placed somewhere nearby. This cannot be technically possible as each coach has to be brought from one line to another. This is not like Road Traffic where one vehicle moves with the help of a steering wheel. In trains, each time the engine has to go to the end of the yard to go to another line, the Khurda Road Division said in a release.

The statement came after media carried the report about detachment of three bogies from train at Puri station in the morning.

According to media reports, the Puri-Cuttack passenger train engine traveled around 5 km leaving behind three coaches at 8.00 am at Puri railway station. Later, the engine picked up three coaches after 28 minutes and departed the station at 8.28 am towards Cuttack.

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