‘Hi-Tech Hospital killed my son’: Dilip Samantray’s mother

Bhubaneswar: Amid confusion over the identity of patients in the Hi-Tech Hospital blast in Bhubaneswar, the bereaved family of deceased Dilip Samantray held the hospital authorities responsible for his death.

“They killed my son,” lamented Dilip’s mother.

“I had seen my son at the hospital yesterday. His health condition was stated to be good last night. Even as he was unable to speak, he responded to me by nodding his head when I called him as Dilip inside the ICU yesterday. We were waiting outside the hospital gate. At around 2 AM, the hospital staff called me and informed that Dilip’s heart was not functioning and his blood pressure level had dropped. I had none with me other than my sister, she went inside and found he is no more,” she told the media mourning the death of her son.

Alleging medical negligence, the deceased’s brother said that the hospital authorities intentionally killed the patient.

“As Dilip was the sole evidence that could expose entire episode against the hospital, they eliminated him. A week after Dilip’s death, we suddenly came to know that he is alive. We were so happy and had a hope that he will return to home after recovery. But, things were changed overnight. My mother had visited the ICU yesterday and he was normal. The patient, who was alive after battling for six days in critical condition and gave his true identity, what happened to him suddenly? After coming out of ventilator, he was not given proper treatment. The hospital wanted him to die to conceal its loopholes in the treatment entire incident,” deceased Dilip’s brother alleged.

“We have been shattered and devastated, do not know what to do. But, we will lodge a complaint with the police against the hospital that ruined my family,” he said.

A twist in the Hi-Tech Hospital blast case came yesterday after one of the victims undergoing treatment at the hospital claimed himself as Dilip Samantray, who was earlier declared dead. Following his revelation of identity, the hospital authorities came under fire with relatives both Dilip and another deceased who was identified as Jyotiranjan Mallick staged protest alleging body swapping by the hospital.

The confusion over patient’s identity claimed an innocent life in Dilip’s family as his wife hung self after hearing news of his husband’s death. Three families – Jyotiranjan, Dilip and Dilip’s wife — were shattered in the incident.

The body of the person who died following the AC Compressor blast at Hi-Tech Hospital on December 29 was identified as Dilip and was handed over to his family. Dilip Samantray belongs to Harirajpur in Khordha district. After his claim that he was alive, it came to fore that the body was not of Dilip, rather Jyotiranjan was the first victim who died in the blast. Finally, Dilip who revealed the truth succumbed to the injuries.

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