Hirakud dam releases season’s first floodwater

Sambalpur: With rise in water level at Hirakud dam following incessant rain in upper catchment area of the Mahanadi River, the dam authorities today released season’s first floodwater from the reservoir.

The dam authorities opened five sluice gates (left 3 and right 2) of the reservoir after the water level reached above 605 ft against optimum level of 630 ft.

On Saturday, the water level of Hirakud Dam stood at 609. 41 ft. While the inflow of water into the reservoir was 1,92,121 Cusec, the outflow from the dam was 35,612 Cusec including 31,067 Cusec to Power Channel, 4,272 Cusec to irrigation.

Earlier, the notice in this regard was issued for the people residing downstream of Hirakud dam, requesting them to remain alert while going into the tributaries.

Following release of floodwater from the dam, the water level of the distributaries of the Mahanadi will subsequently increase.

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