Hockey India starts campaign to identify talents in country’s remote parts

Through 'Hockey India ka Abhiyan Har Ghar Ho Hockey Ki Pehchan’ program, Hockey India is ensuring State Member Units engage their district associations in talent identification and regular coaching camps.

New Delhi: Taking hockey to remote parts of the country, Hockey India has initiated a campaign with an aim at engaging all districts to identify talents.

Through the programme ‘Hockey India ka Abhiyan Har Ghar Ho Hockey Ki Pehchan’, the national governing body is ensuring state member units engage their district associations to host regular coaching camps and intra-district competition.

After the success of 1st Hockey India Zonal Championships held across North, South, East and West Zones, the National Sports Federation has urged all the State Member Units to work closely with their respective district associations and ensure they host regular activities to help promote hockey and scout talent.

Speaking about the official communication made to all State Member Units, Hockey India President Dilip Tirkey said, “As part of Hockey India’s drive to have hockey tournaments at every level and to motivate State and District Member Units, Hockey India recently deployed four officials in each of the four zones (North, South, East, and West) to brief our State and District Units on why hosting these tournaments and coaching camps are essential not only to develop the sport but also to build a strong sports culture among the youth in their respective state. These tournaments create a sense of identity for players and promote active participation.”

According to Hockey India, each state should organise district and state-level tournaments throughout the year, with respective teams for state championships chosen based on their performance in the district championship. Furthermore, the state championships aid in the selection of the state team for the Hockey India National Championships.

“The State and District level tournaments, like the National Championship, must be divided into six categories: Senior Men, Senior Women, Junior Men, Junior Women, Sub Junior Men, and Sub Junior Women. We have mandated that the teams for the State Championship must be chosen based on their performance in the District Championship. As part of Hockey India’s initiative to bring hockey to every city, colony, block and village, Hockey India office bearers are ensuring that these tournaments and coaching camps take place regularly,” expressed Bhola Nath Singh, Secretary General of Hockey India.

Several State Member Units including the Hockey Association of Odisha, Hockey Jharkhand, Hockey Bihar, Uttar Pradesh Hockey, Le Puducherry Hockey, Hockey Andaman & Nicobar, Kerala Hockey, Assam Hockey, Hockey Jammu and Kashmir, and Hockey Arunachal, have already begun these competitions and coaching camps at the district level. Districts such as Simdega, Jammu, Jamtara, Hardoi, Muzzafarpur, Upper Subansiri, Jharsuguda and Villianur have already completed hosting age-group level matches and coaching camps.

As part of the ‘Hockey India ka Abhiyan Har Ghar Ho Hockey Ki Pehchan program’, hockey sticks and balls were also distributed in various states while Hockey India office bearers are in constant communication with their Member Units to further facilitate and provide any support needed in promoting the sport.



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