Hottest June 6 in Delhi in 5 years, Saturday might be worse

New Delhi, June 6 :

Delhi was like a blast furnace Friday with the mercury soaring to 45 degrees Celsius, five notches above the season’s average, and making it the hottest June 6 in the last five years. The weekend might be worse as the temperature is forecast to touch 46 degrees.

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The heat wave coupled with the scorching sun made people’s lives miserable and many chose to remain indoors, leaving the roads deserted during the day.

“I tried to cover my face and arms with cloth and gloves, but it provided no relief. The sun burnt my skin and sucked out all my energy,” said Sangeeta Singh, a marketing professional who stepped out during the day.

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Saturday will see clear skies and the sweltering heat will continue to wreak havoc on the national capital with the maximum temperature likely to hover around 46 degrees Celsius.

The minimum is expected to settle around 30 degrees Celsius.

“The heat was unbearable today, and I see no respite in the coming days as well,” said Manoj Nair, an advertising professional.

The day’s minimum temperature was recorded a notch above the season’s average at 29.4 degrees Celsius.

Thursday too was hot with a maximum temperature of 44.7 degrees Celsius, four notches above the season’s average. The minimum settled at 27.7 degrees Celsius, average for this time of the season.


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