How Odisha Newspapers Covered Indira Gandhi’s Death In 1984

Thirty one years ago on this day, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was shot dead by her bodyguards in New Delhi. Her assassination stunned all and the nation mourned her demise.

A day before her death, Indira was on a tour of Odisha where she addressed various gatherings. She made her last public speech at a huge congregation in Parade Ground of Bhubaneswar (now known as Indira Park). The news of her death came as a bolt to the people of Odisha, who just a few hours ago had been excited about the Iron Lady’s visit to the state.

Here we have compiled the newspaper coverage of Indira Gandhi’s death in some of the major Odia dailies.

The Prajatantra 

prajatantra 1


Above: A report in The Prajatantra about Indira’s body being taken to Teen Murti Bhawan.

Below :A full page tribute to Mrs.Gandhi in the Prajatantra.

prajatantra 2



The Samaja




Left: An article by the then Chief Minister of Odisha Janaki Ballav Patnaik about Indira in the Samaja.

Right: A report about investigation into Indira Gandhi’s death.



sambad 1



Above: A front page photo of PM Indira Gandhi addressing her last public gathering at a ground in Bhubaneswar that is now famously known as Indira Gandhi Park.sambad 2



Above: The front page of Sambad on the day after her death.sambad 3



Left: The editorial column of Sambad left blank as a mark of respect to the late Prime Minister.

Right: A handwritten announcement that Rajiv Gandhi has been sworn in as Prime Minister.






Above: The front page of Odia daily Pragativadi.

Below: Report in Pragativadi about nationwide mourning.Pragatibadi2









Above: Report of Indira’s demise on the front page of Dharitri.

Below: Text of Indira Gandhi’s last speech in Bhubaneswar in Dharitri. 

Dharitri 2



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