How to download Aadhaar card with face recognition

UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has been introduced Aadhaar cardholders with a replacement characteristic, under this new facility, Aadhaar card holders can Download their Aadhaar card online through the official website of UIDAI, they will download their Aadhaar card copy by face authentication. Under this new feature, Aadhaar cardholders will give attention to the official website of UIDAI and type their Aadhaar number. Then they will show their face and their Aadhaar card is going to be downloaded. This provision 

Aadhar card
Aadhar card

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 This new facility will make Aadhaar cardholders who are not able to download, if the mobile number is not registered and in this case, they can download the copy of Aadhaar card online only by showing their face, for this, it’s not necessary that their Aadhaar card has mobile Number should be registered.

That is, the tremendous advantage of this new facility is going to be available to such people whose mobile number isn’t updated or registered within the Aadhaar card yet.

Next, we will know how to download Aadhaar card by showing the official website of UIDAI and enter their Aadhaar number and show their face and their Aadhaar card will be downloaded. This facility is exclusive like Aadhaar card of UIDAI and may be further beneficial for common Aadhaar cardholders

There are guidelines given below to download the Aadhaar card through Face authentication process-

1- First you’ve to click on this given link-

2- By clicking on the link, you’ll attend the UIDAI website and you’ll see some options and one of them is Download Electronic Copy of Aadhaar. 

3-Here you’ve got to type your Aadhaar card number or Virtual ID card number or enrollment ID number.

4-Instantly, you’ll encounter three options like OTP / TOTP / FACE AUTH

5- Now you will have to fill captcha code and click on the FACE AUTH icon.

6- If you’re doing this process in your mobile, then by clicking on the option of face auth, your front camera will start working, similarly, if you’re doing this whole process through your laptop then the laptop camera will start operating and if you are doing this procedure through the desktop you will have to use the webcam.

7- As soon as the camera will start working, it’ll need to bring its face of the camera and keep its face steady for a few times in order to get the face encapsulated.  Your face should be under the area where there is light as it may fail to recognize your face. It will detect your face by making harmonizing your present details with their database.

8- As your face is captured, a survey form will open and you have to answer few of the questions to complete the process. 

9- After filling the survey form, click on the download button, your Aadhaar card will be downloaded with your face.

If you employ the choice of FACE Authentication, then there is no requirement of OTP which is demanded on your registered mobile number which means that now you will be able to download your Aadhaar card with face authentication option with an unregistered number. 

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