How to Not be a Covidiot

With over 7 million cases of COVID-19 in India, every new day comes with a fresh scare of contracting the virus. Even though the nation’s recovery rate is comparatively higher, we’ve all gotten quite used to the precautionary measures against the virus. Carrying a mask while going out of our homes comes naturally as carrying our mobile phones. Wearing masks, observing social distancing, and washing our hands frequently, are the only known ways to stay away from coronavirus.

When the first case of the virus was registered in Kerala back in March, nobody dared to step out without a mask. However, today despite the simplicity and feasibility of such precautionary measures, people are out on the streets, risking not only their lives but also of the people around them.

What is Covidiot?

The Urban dictionary defines a Covidiot as “a person who acts like an irresponsible idiot during the Covid-19 pandemic, ignoring common sense, decency, science, and professional advice leading to the further spread of the virus and needless deaths of thousands.”

But there can be several instances where people have been Covidiot. Here’s how you can discern:

  1. A covidiot was arrested for purposely coughing on produce in the store and is now being charged as a terrorist.
  2. Donald J. Trump said coronavirus ‘will go away by April”, and now thousands are dead. What a massive covidiot, and why isn’t that a surprise?
  3. Donald Trump also said, “people are dying who have never died before” from the coronavirus. Really? The last time we checked, the walking dead was still a TV series! 

America currently has the highest COVID-19 cases, and Donald Trump is not the only one who has undermined the seriousness of COVID-19. The US has witnessed several demonstrations in protest against lockdowns and the practice of wearing a mask. Here are some signs that will make you wish stupidity was a crime:

credits: Associated Press

People even Confused the lockdown with the lack of “liberty.”

Image credits: Associated Press.

 And who’s going to tell this Covidiot that.. We can speak…while wearing a mask…?

credits: Associated Press.

People’s idiocy has been relentless, even when their own president, who advocated using bleach as a cure of the virus, contracted it. Lastly, is it even America without all that talk on guns?

credits: Associated Press.


It’s not just Americans!

While we’re mocking Americans, let us not forget Indians are no better, if not worse! From politicians recommending quite absurd cures such as cow urine consumption to mud baths, we’ve seen it all. What’s even more ironic is how these politicians always end up making to the list of COVID-19 cases in the country.  

(Screenshots taken from viral Facebook Video posted by Sukhbir Singh jaunpuria)

India is also the home to one of those few nations having the highest number of quarantine runaways. There are also many who have tried to hide their recent travel histories from the authorities.


American pop culture has always inspired us. In fact, we even had our very own “Anti-Mask-Protest” in Mumbai recently.


If you are fond of conspiracy theories, these anti-mask protesters will blow your mind!

“It was only when I saw the horrors of the lockdown and how it was being imposed on people, how it was causing the destruction of the global economy, was I able to understand that this is all about putting money in the pockets of big pharma and tech companies. I am convinced that this virus is a bio-weapon that has been unleashed upon the world,” activist Feroze Mithiborwala, who was also present at the protest, told the media.

“When people wearing the masks, they’re in fact breathing back the CO2 captured within their masks, which will damage lungs and lead to infections. I personally find it very uncomfortable to wear masks,” he further added.

‘Eat the rich’- or actually don’t, let natural selection do its job

Renowned billionaire Elon Musk said some really “dumb” things about the virus as well.

He even claimed he wouldn’t be getting vaccinated once we have a cure.

Another man in Pune, India, recently made the headlines when he got a face mask made of gold, which had a hole in it to make it breathable.


How to not be a Covidiot?

Well, it’s quite simple actually. Start by wearing a mask, wash your hands, and follow the precautionary measures at all times. Nothing is permanent, not even the virus. Save all the movie dates for later, and till then, be safe!


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