HSRP mandatory for old vehicles in Odisha; here’re guidelines

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Government issued guidelines for affixation of High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) on old vehicles for transparency in traffic management system.

As per the notification issued by Odisha State Transport Authority, the vehicle owners will be given at least 3 months time from the date of issue of this order to fix the HSRP on old vehicles before enforcement is undertaken by the Transport Department or police officials.

Following guidelines are to be adhered regarding affixation of HSRP on old vehicles:

1. HSRP would be affixed by the vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) and their authorised dealers only. Only the HSRP vendor authorised by the vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) shall supply the HSRPs only to their authorised dealers. Affixation of HSRP on old vehicles shall be carried by authorised dealers of OEMs.

2. The vehicle owner shall book for fitment of HSRP and make payment for the purpose through online portal authorised by the OEM to maintain the transparency and to prevent excess charging from the vehicle owners. The portal authorised by the OEMs shall offer the facility to the vehicle owner for selection of any dealer, location and date for affixing of HSRP as per his convenience.

3. The portal authorised by the OEM shall have the capability to inform the vehicle owner status of the order placed for fitment of HSRP through SMS.

4. The OEMs or its authorized dealers shall display board at a conspicuous place at their showroom indicating charges to be paid by the vehicle owner for affixation of HSRP and also on the HSRP portal to maintain transparency at all times.

5. The OEMs or its authorised vendor/dealer may offer the services to the vehicle owners for fitment of the HSRP where the owner resides or has his place of business on payment of extra charges subject to willingness of the vehicle owner.

6. The OEMs or its authorised dealers after affixing the HSRP on the vehicle shall ensure that the laser code is updated in VAHAN portal.

7. The vehicle not having valid Registration Certificate and Fitness Certificate (for Transport Vehicle) and the vehicle having arrear tax due shall not be allowed to affix HSRP by OEMs or its authorised dealers. The OEMs shall customize their portal accordingly.

Timeline for affixing HSRP:

A. For all class of vehicles registered prior to April 1, 2019, the vehicle owners shall have to take necessary steps to get the HSRP affixed on their vehicle as per timeline given below.

B. No e-challan shall be issued and no fine shall be collected or no penal action shall be taken against any old vehicle registered prior ro April 1, 2019 for plying vehicles without HSRP till August 31, 2022. After that challans will be issued in accordance with the last date given in the para A above for various series of vehicle.

However, to avoid last minute rush, vehicle owners should be encouraged/ sensitised to affix HSRP on their vehicles as soon as possible but not later than the above schedule. In case the vehicle is not affixed with HSRP within scheduled date mentioned above, e-challan shall be issued against the offending vehicle and attract fine of Rs 5,000 or Rs 10,000 under section 192 of MV Act, 1988 as the case may be.

C. Legal action shall be initiated against dealers/any other person found to be selling and supplying HSRPs in the State without being authorised by the OEMs.

All regional Transports Officers are instructed to comply with the above order to ensure that HSRP are fitted on all motor vehicles prior to April 1, 2019 in a seamless manner. They are directed to convene meeting with the all dealers functioning under their jurisdiction to senstitise them about the modalities for fitment of HSRP on old vehicles within the scheduled date.

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