ICC cricket panel for removing batting powerplay in ODIs

Mumbai, May 18:

The International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket Committee has sugggested removal of batting powerplay and allowing five fielders outside the circle between the 41st and 50th overs in One-Day-Internationals (ODI) during its two-day meeting here.

260px-ICC_logo.svgAccording to an ICC release on Monday, the committee, in its meeting friday and Saturday also suggested a free-hit for all no balls in ODIs and Twenty20s and not just for front-foot no balls.

The committee recommended the changes, as it felt that there were times towards the end of an ODI innings that bowlers and fielding captains appeared to have limited defensive options available to them.

It was also conscious that the playing regulations should be kept as simple as possible, and changes kept to a minimum.

The changes that were suggested would mean that, for the first 10 overs, there will be two fielders outside the circle, for the next 30 overs there will be four fielders out and for the last 10 overs, there will be five outside the circle.

The committee believed these changes will allow fielding captains greater freedom to both attack and defend when required.

A general discussion also took place about the balance between bat and ball, boundaries at international venues and durability of the white-ball seam.

The panel concluded that although the ICC will not introduce a regulation about the size of bats, it will provide input on this issue to the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) through the consultation process ahead of the re-drafting of the Laws of Cricket in 2017.

The committee was headed by ICC Cricket Committee chairman, Anil Kumble, who said: “We have enjoyed two very productive days of meetings in which the committee discussed a wide range of issues affecting the global game through practical examples and illustrations.” (IANS)

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