IFFCO to set up Oxygen plant in Odisha’s Paradeep

New Delhi: In order to increase the Oxygen availability in the country and meet the requirement of patients affected by Covid-19 pandemic, the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) has decided to set up Oxygen plants at its fertiliser units at Paradeep and three other places.

The IFFCO stated the Oxygen plants would come up at Paradeep fertiliser unit in Odisha, Phulpur and Aonla in Uttar Pradesh and Kalol in Gujarat. The Oxygen produced at these plants would be provided to hospitals free of cost for treatment of Covid-19 affected persons.

At the IFFCO’s Kalol unit, the Oxygen plant will be operational in two weeks’ time. The plant will have capacity of 200 M3/hour Oxygen capacity to produce 700 cylinders of Oxygen per day. Each cylinder has a capacity of 46.7 litre with medical grade oxygen of 99.5% purity.

The IFFCO plant at Kalol will produce around 33,000 litres of Oxygen per day. A total of Rs 7 crore will be invested for the establishment of the plant.

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