In conversation: Advanced bodybuiding coach Jeet Selal talks fitness on trip to Odisha

Bhubaneswar: He looks every bit of a drool-worthy hunk with a chiseled physique and rippling muscles. But what strikes one is, his cool, calm and collected composure and humility. Meet Jeet Selal, aka the Himalayan Stallion, India’s adavanced fitness and bodybuilding coach and sports nutrition expert.

He is a known name in the higher tier of hardcore fitness enthusiast and has a popular YouTube channel that address many a health concern and workout techniques. Odisha Sun Times caught up with Jeet on his maiden Odisha visit and here are the excerpts of the tête-à-tête:

The journey from Uttarakhand to Australia

Hailing from Pithoragarh town in Uttakhand, Jeet finished his schooling there and went to UK where he received a degree in sports science. “That’s when I got the idea of sports and fitness. I started lifting weights. Though I was into sports throughout my life, but lifting weights and gymming made me realized that you can look good and stay fit. I learnt the biometrics of nutrition in terms of exercising. I worked there for a while,” said Jeet.

Picture courtesy: Facebook/jeetselalaesthetics

He is currently based in Melbourne in Australia and is a part of Fitness Australia and also is a fitness coach for an rugby team in Melbourne. He is a marketing professional by day and his passion is bodybuilding.

The motivation to work out and stay fit

Jeet encouraged regular people (those who are not professional sportspersons) to develop a habit of doing physical activity such as running, cycling or swimming or even play sports for 45 minutes at least. He also urged people to take care of the food that they eat.

“People go crazy on food. We gorge on spicy and oily food like chole-bhature, pizza and also sweets… little panipuri here, some ice-cream there. Please take care of what goes into your body, because that is what gives you the energy to function. Avoid processed sugar that comes in packaged juices, processed food, biscuits, etc. Moreover, one should cut down on over-eating. People always tend to binge eat when they are stressed, but that’s not the solution,” he said.

He went on to say that people should also avoid excess carbohydrates like white bread and white rice and rather include complex carbohydrates such as oats, quinoa and brown rice.

Dietary supplements: Health benefit or drawback?

Jeet revealed that dietary supplements should be used in tandem with whole foods and not just be solely relied upon. “For example, you should rely on protein powders, only when you need to reach a certain protein goal. 90 per cent of your protein should be obtained from chicken, fish, eggs. This coupled with exercise and then augmented with dietary supplements can do wonders to your body. If your don’t workout to that length and just consume these supplements, it is bound to have an adverse effect.”

Picture courtesy: Instagram/@jeet_selal

He also advised the readers to consult a nutritionist it when it came to intake of dietary supplements because not everyone needs all the supplements. Its usage needs customization that should be guided by an expert on the subject, keeping physical training in mind.

Jeet’s very own campaign Drug-free India

Being a popular fitness vlogger, Jeet noticed that the Indian youth is falling in the trap of drug use such as steroids just to get six-pack abs in six months time, to emulate the physique of celebrities. “The youth see celebrity transformation and then they want that body for themselves. The shortcut to imitate them is killing the youth. These drugs help them in transformation but are fatal in the long run. It can cause heart diseases and low levels of testosterone in males,” he cautioned.

This campaign spreads awareness regarding the usage of drugs to build bodies and their consequences among the youth. It also focuses on athletes, who are competing on international platforms, but do not have the knowledge or access to information that educates them about drugs and substances that they should avoid.

The Odisha experience

On his maiden trip to Odisha, Jeet has been blown away by the warm welcome he received here and the enthusiasm of the youth and his fans.

“Bhubaneswar has been an amazing experience of my life, The hospitality I received is the high-point. The way people treat you here, is absolutely great. I meet university students here and they were so confident and not shy at all to fire questions at me with so much zeal. I also tried Rasagola!” he gushed.

Watch the entire conversation here:

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