India to lay down policy for missile exports

Hyderabad, June 14 :

India has the capability to export missiles and it will soon start laying down policy norms, said Avinash Chander, scientific advisor to the defence minister.

He told reporters here Saturday that many countries were showing keen interest in the missile systems developed by India.

Dr Avinash Chander
Dr Avinash Chander

Avinash, who is also the director general of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), said exports was a new area they were exploring and the new government was also very keen on building up the export potential.

He believes the export potential is very high. He said Akash and Prahar — medium and short range surface to surface missiles — and Brahmos could easily be exported.

He said new missiles like ship launched and cruise missiles would also have huge potential.

The top defence scientist said India had the capability to produce and deliver a system in one-and-half to two years.

“We have the capacity. We have the capability. Our weapons are globally competitive in their performance,” he said.

He claimed that the weapons developed by India were 50 to 60 percent cheaper compared to its competitors. The cost of some systems is even one-fourth and one-fifth.

The DRDO director general feels a sustainable model of development of defence products has to go parallel with the export planning. He hopes the new government will give the thrust.

He was confident that by 2020 India would be fully autonomous in missile capability.

“The DRDO has launched missile autonomy mission. We will enable the country to a stage where we don’t have to import any missile system,” he said.


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