Indian eatery in Australia barred from hiring foreign hands

Sydney, Jan 26:

Australian authorities have cancelled an Indian restaurant’s right to recruit foreign workers after several breaches of migration law, media reported Monday.

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The well-known eatery in Melbourne, which immigration authorities have refused to name, was fined A$15,300 (about $12,000) last year for various offences, including underpaying foreign staff and failing to keep records, the Herald Sun reported.

The eatery was barred from bringing workers on skilled 457 visas after further breaches were discovered this month.

Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Michaelia Cash said the restaurant was among many businesses being monitored for breaches of the 457 sponsorship programme.

“Businesses acting in good faith have nothing to fear, but we want to send a strong message that if you breach your obligations, you can expect to face the consequences, including fines and cancellation of your sponsorship,” she said.

The 457 visa programme is controversial, especially as it has been bringing a high number of foreign workers to the country amid rising unemployment.

As of Sep 30 last year, there were about 110,000 people in Australia on 457 visas. IANS

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