Indian man jailed in Australia for raping friend

Canberra, June 27:

An Indian man Friday was jailed for six years in Australia of raping a woman he met on a social-networking site after getting drunk, media reported Friday.

A judge said that the man, who had emigrated from India to Australia in 2009, told a psychologist he had had difficulty reconciling with the sexual norms of Indian culture with those in Australia, the Melbourne Age reported.

The 24-year-old Indian man met the 18-year-old victim, also an Indian and a first-year university student, on Facebook and would meet up to play video games. They kissed but were not in a sexual relationship, the judge said.

The report did not disclose the names of the victim and the perpetrator or the place where the incident happened.

The man invited the woman to his residence in March last year and offered her alcohol on arriving.

According to the judge, the woman, who never had alcohol before, took a few sips of raspberry vodka mixed with cola and had two shots of straight vodka before feeling sleepy and lying on the couch.

“On waking up, the girl could smell vomit on herself and some in her hair, was dazed and noticed she was not wearing her bra or jacket,” the judge said.

Despite a lot of threats from the man, including claims of possession of sex tapes, she finally informed the police about the incident.

The man pleaded guilty to two charges of rape, one charge of assault and one charge of intentionally damaging property.

He also told a psychologist that, after the victim passed out, he started having sex with her because it was his first time.


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