Indians rage over Zuckerberg incorrect India map on Facebook

New York, May 16:

Indian netizens are angry with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg after he posted a map of India sans Jammu & Kashmir, Forbes reported.

FacebookZuckerberg posted the image on his Facebook page following the launch earlier this week in Malawi of the Facebook-led

However, several Indian net users were not amused by the graphic which missed what many Indians call “an inseparable part of India” — the state of Jammu & Kashmir. So much so that some on the social media also called for a ban on Facebook if the map was not immediately corrected.

Zuckerberg later deleted his post.

Zuckerberg and Facebook have already been facing a tough time in India recently as has come under attack from net neutrality advocates. is aimed at providing free internet access to billions by offering select content and services for free to those who cannot afford or do not want to pay for internet access. (IANS)

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