Infinity Art House hosts first-ever virtual 3D art exhibition “Odisha:The True Color of Art’

Bhubaneswar: Infinity Art House, a banner under The Tribe Stores recently hosted first of its kind virtual 3D art exhibition “ODISHA: THE TRUE COLOR OF ART”, in association with Abja Foundation.

According to the organizers, the first-ever virtual art exhibition in state began on September 11 and it is a tribute to Odisha and its art forms.


“Odisha is a state known for its art and culture. So, we came up with the best possible way to redefine its identity with this exhibition, which is the first-ever online art exhibition on a virtual 3D technology in India,” a statement released by the Infinity Art Store read.


Here’s the promo:

The store aims towards building a community of artists which would inspire society through art. The ongoing exhibition curated by Debarchan Rout showcases as many as 117 artworks by 31 artists.


To experience the first-ever 3D tour to the exhibition, the audience may visit-

For more details, visit-


A recent report by The New Indian Express revealed that in the year 2000, India’s art market was valued at around Rs 200 crore and has grown to around Rs 1,700 crore in 2020.  If that trajectory continues, by 2040, it will reach about Rs 16,000 crore per year, so the CAGR is to be reckoned with. Rajagopalan, Director of Piramal Foundation of Art, said that many world records were broken between September to April, this year with just April 2021 having seen auction sales of Rs 260 crore. The sales have done well as a lot of people have made money in business and many others have pulled out from alternate investments and placed them in art which is more secure, he added.

“The investment in artworks is same as the kind in properties. We have been investing in properties since over the last 1000 years and art has a similar story as well. We have to understand which artists to put money on or which artwork to buy. All artists have unique technique and style. The supply of a particular artist is going to be limited and as per the demand the prices of each artwork change. Imagine buying a piece of MF Hussain back in 2000, would have made us crorepati now,” The Tribal Stores stated in a statement.

“Even in current times, if all of us are not in a situation to go big in terms of investing in art, but we can easily afford the artworks of emerging artists and wait for a few years. First of all, you own that asset and you can sell that off at any point of time you want. And that’s where The Tribe Stores plays an important role. We provide a platform for both buyer and seller. We also tell you the current valuation of your artwork which makes most of the things easy,” it further added.

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