Infographics: the timeless design trend of 21st century

Digital world is taking over us. With time, people are inclined towards digital marketing and understanding the virtual world. With the demanding need of everything being online, virtual understanding of the world. It is important that even someone with less understanding of digital platform should be able to use the website or understand the concept with simple representation. One of the important ways of communication online from one end to another that is commonly used is ‘Infographics’. Oxford defines Infographics as ‘a collection of imagery, charts and minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic’.  Infographics is a visual representation of a complex process or observation. In a simpler term, it is a type of information transfer, where complicated concept, summary of data or overview of an idea is represented in graphic view to have a better overview of the main concept. 

Trust is an essential element for businesses online. It is quite crucial that the customers feel that the online brand can be trusted and that it has a good way for customers to believe in the brand easily. Infographics are easily outlook to understand a brand’s communication to the client/customers. There are many reasons why businesses should opt for infographic representation to convey their idea. 

  • Infographic is not very expensive: 


Compared to other marketing forms, one of the inexpensive one is infographics. They don’t require too much skills like videographers. You can even make it yourself with basic graphic deigning skills if you are planning an infographic for a personal use. A good graphic designer and a content writer can do the job. The team would just need an idea just is to be made into an infographic and can be used on multiple social media sites and even in print marketing. It can easily create and extend your social media presence. It does require proper research and good summarizing skills to create a proper infographic about something.   

  • Creative and Versatile:

A summary is easy to understand compared to a complete description. Anyone can easily understand what the flyer is trying to convey. It is quite a versatile idea. Any one can simply understand a visual representation and the brand can even convey complicated ideas in a very easy way. They allow you to be creative in multiple ways. Like ask a question in the infographic or tell a joke, share a life lesson or simply add an image to give a better understanding. The design can be horizontal or vertical in creation and the brand can use standard brand colours or make it creative with other visual shades and looks.  

  • Makes you appealing to the audience:


It is not a surprise that people react and acknowledge pictures and visual representation better than words and lengthy writings. It can be SEO friendly and shows that the company is confident and clear about their idea. It makes a simple idea look confident and the viewers will see the clarity of thoughts clearly represented in the infographic and that will surely appeal to the audience the company is usually targeting. Infographics can make a dry idea look interesting with good amount of creative investment. 

One can use infographics for multiple purposes. It particularly doesn’t have to be just an image, one can choose moving prompts or a video outlook of the infographics as per their conveyance and choice. It is quite important that you express you content clearly. There are YouTube channels who make infographic content about multiple information source and many channels to show you how to make an infographic yourself. There are templates available directly on various online photo editing and creating platforms to make a basic and simple infographic yourself. So not only an exceptional marketing tool used to build online trust for multiple owners, it is used by many influencers and bloggers to express their ideas in a more creative way. Do you think Infographics are a good way to present an idea? 

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