Interesting watch: French dancer Mahina Khanum slips into painting for Odissi recital!

Bhubaneswar: After taking the Internet by storm with ‘Lights of Odisha’ which was shot using Pixelstick with her posing against the backdrop of temples in Odisha, Odissi dancer of French origin Mahina Khanum has come up with an animated video, decoding the beautiful classical dance form for the global audience.

The video smoothly blends the ancient performing art form with contemporary cutting-edge technology.

Titled ‘The Intruder’, the dancer in the video slips into an 18th century Indian painting depicting the love between Radha and Krishna, which is an important theme of Odissi music and dance.

Mahina is seen interacting with the elements in the painting through graceful mudras. As Radha, she expresses her disappointment over Lord Krishna not giving her attention and he tries to propitiate her by playing the flute.

The Intruder

At the intersection of 2000-year-old Indian Odissi dance, an 18th century Indian painting and 21st century animation technology, stands 'The Intruder', a short film by Lévi-Avishaï Léger-Tanger and me. Step into my imagination as an Odissi dancer!Making-of:———-Quand une danse indienne millénaire se mêle à une peinture indienne du 18e siècle grâce aux technologies d'animation du 21e siècle, cela donne "The Intruder", un court-métrage réalisé par Lévi-Avishaï Léger-Tanger et moi. Je vous invite à entrer dans mon imaginaire de danseuse Odissi !Making-of:

Posted by Mahina Khanum on Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The lovers’ tiff and the subsequent reconcialiation have been animated using graphic softwares with background music in the Gita Gobinda painting, ascribed to the famous Indian painter Nainsukh (1775-1780) and his family of Kangra.

Mahina’s husband Lévi-Avishaï Léger-Tanger, the designer and director of this project, said, “I was mesmerised the first time I saw Mahina perform Odissi. However, I was unable to understand the meaning of the stories she was depicting. What if we could see more? What if we could see the other characters and the entire context? Therefore, we decided to come up with this project that brings the ancient and modern together.”

Watch the making of the video here:

Exciting new project announcement!

Full video here 👉 releasing the video of my new project, here is a short presentation of it! Hope it will make you even more impatient to discover the end result… tomorrow :)With Lévi-Avishaï Léger-Tanger—–Vidéo complète ici 👉 de partager avec vous la vidéo de mon nouveau projet, en voici une petite présentation ! J'espère qu'elle vous donnera encore plus envie de découvrir le résultat final… demain :)Avec Lévi-Avishaï Léger-Tanger

Posted by Mahina Khanum on Sunday, 18 March 2018

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