International Conference of Odia diaspora from 5 continents

Bhubaneswar: Independence Day is not only celebrated in India but also all over the world by Indian diaspora with much fanfare and gaiety. To commemorate the occasion, an International webinar was organised yesterday which was attended by Odia diaspora from different walks of life and different parts of world like North and South Americas, Middle East, South East Asia, Europe, and Africa.
India at 73 years of post-independence has come a long way from chaos and trauma of partition towards the lighted pathway of development and collective prosperity though many challenges remain in the biggest democracy’s progress as a formidable global leader.
Today Indians and the diaspora are very proud and assertive of our ancient cultural heritage. Long standing issues of abject poverty, caste prejudice and gender stereotype and inequality in health & education being addressed aggressively.
To India’s development and soft power as well as international standing, the diaspora has contributed immensely with their rich experiences and technological expertise. The Odia diaspora, though not in millions but growing in numbers, have settled all over the world.
The online-conference was organised and moderated by Dr Aiswarya Biswal, who is a doctor, poet and columnist and a social activist.


The webinar provided an important avenue for many members to discuss the challenges they overcame in terms of new culture, climate, language and various societal stereotypes to establish themselves successfully and in many occasions being an inspiration to many — both at home and abroad. They further discussed their immense attachment and eagerness to see a progressive and all-inclusive developed Odisha and the entrepreneurial ways to contribute towards investment in various sectors such as industry, hospitality, health, eco-tourism, food processing and other service sectors.
Among the many diaspora members who attended are — Captain Madhusmita Patnaik, Dubai based pilot, Dr Jeenita Mohanty, second generation Odia doctor and executive member of Odia society of UK, Shivali Biswal, reigning Mrs India (Queen of substance), Dr Debakanta Behera, senior psychiatrist and associated medical director at National Health Service, UK, Navendu Biswal, CFO in Bahamas.
Abhisekh Acharya, a scientist based in Germany, Chandan Sarangi Investment Banker from Malaysia,  Amiya Mishra from Dubai,  Kamal Lochan Mahanta from USA, Hadibandhu Rout from Nigeria and Ajit Mishra a successful entrepreneur based in Dubai addressed the webinar.
Many other diaspora members from all over the world also participated in the conference. Dr Ranjita gave the vote of thanks at the end of the online- conference.
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