International Dam Safety Conference in Odisha capital from today

Bhubaneswar: The 5th International Dam Safety Conference–2019 will be held in Odisha capital from today. The two-day event, a joint initiative of the Government of India, Government of Odisha and the World Bank, will conclude on February 14.

Dam Safety Conferences are being organized as an annual event in different DRIP States in collaboration with the Implementing Agencies and leading academic institutes to provide a common platform for all stakeholders including non-DRIP States. Dam professionals, academicians, scientists, as well as industries both from within the country and from around the world to deliberate on all aspects related to dam safety and the solutions that worked best in addressing dam safety concerns.

The Conference has one Plenary Session, 7 Technical Sessions and one Industry Session. This Conference is part of the series of Dam Safety Conferences organized in Chennai (2015), Bengaluru (2016), Roorkee (2017), and Thiruvananthapuram (2018) which received an overwhelming response in terms of professional participation by Indian and overseas organizations.

Over 725 delegates comprising dam owners, policy makers, and dam professionals, Scientists, academia etc. are coming together in this Conference. About 100 overseas experts from 30 Countries representing all the major continents of the world are participating in the Conference. Also, about 150 technical papers have been contributed by experts across the world; 35 national and international organizations both from within the country and abroad are showcasing their technologies, products and services in the exhibition to be organized during the Conference, reflecting the contemporary developments in the dam safety field.

To accommodate more oral presentation of more technical papers, four sessions are being organized in two parallel locations making a total of 13 sessions.

The basic objective of these annual events is to give exposure to non-DRIP States as well as other stakeholders across the Country and World, to the best global practices and technological advancements to address the emerging dam safety challenges. As these events are being organised in various regional centres of Country, it also make aware the overseas delegates with culture and traditions of India.

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