World Fisheries Day 2021: Significance, history and other details one must know

Every year, November 2021 is being celebrated as the World Fisheries Day to focus on the fishing industry’s sustainability factors. Also, the day is being observed to maintain the balance between ecosystem and surroundings.

History of International Fisheries Day

A forum for the World Fisheries consortium was set up in 1997 and was called WFF (the World Fisheries Forum). As many as 18 countries signed a global consensus document that marked standardization of fishing practices. Sustainable measures for higher developmental practices were also taken. Policy guidelines were issued to make fishing a viable means of trade and commerce.

To create robust opportunities for fishing communities, encourage fisheries as a trade, social responsibility and moral grounds of justice and safeguarding the interests of fishing communities were also addressed under the World Fisheries Forum.

The first World Fisheries Day was celebrated on November 21, 2015. The grand opening of the International Fisherman’s organization was held in New Delhi the same day.

Theme of Fisheries Day 2021

The theme of the day is mixture of the fishing industry, nature and environment, and a greater focus on biodiversity. In 2020, the theme focused on ‘Social Responsibility in the fisheries value chain’.

Significance of Fisheries Day

It is well known seafood and fishes are the traditional food for many across the globe. The people living on the coastline regions and closer to sea consume fishes and seafood as one of their staple food. The Fisheries Day brings together many allied units with the fisheries under one roof and not just the fishing department. An overgrowth of blue, green algae in seas and oceans, oil spills and pollution in marine bodies, plastic encroachments, and toxic chemicals in seawater are some of the issues which have been affecting the fisheries industry.

As a result of global warming, the temperature of global water bodies is going to see a rise, and will further harm the lives of the fish population.

The fishermen communities celebrate the day with the hope of a brighter future for the fishing industry. One of the less talked about professions is brought to light by people through well-organized bike rallies and car marches.

The fishing industry is a vast trade and commerce segment and a typical working blend among them is a must. These smooth functioning processes need training, proper management, and expertise to handle different internal systems. The government organizes exclusive exhibitions for benefit of traders in the fishing industry.

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