Internet’s latest discovery ‘Butter Chicken Golgappa’. Would you risk a bite?

Bhubaneswar: Golgappa, pani puri or puchka- whatever they may be called in any corner of the country, this particular street food serves more as a plate of sheer happiness with variety of tangy-sweet flavors to most street food lovers.

Though golgappa is quite a simple and flexible dish that is loved with several fusions and concoctions, would you to an extent where you would have to munch on a golgappa that has creamy butter chicken for its filling?

Recently, one Twitter user Devlina shared a photograph of a plate of ‘butter chicken golgappa’ on her wall and captioned it, “Sh1t no one needs in life.”




The post immediately attracted a lot of reactions, more negative than positive. While some tweeps were willing to try the dish, many others thought it was a bizarre combination and was an insult to both the dishes- golgappa and butter chicken.


Here’s a peek into some reactions:









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